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How Important Is Immersion In Learning Mandarin

Mandarin Courses For Adult, Mandarin Course Skillsfuture Singapore

Chinese language courses and engaging a private tutor can only do so much when trying to gain fluency in Mandarin.

In between all the classes and discussions about tones and characters – there is a better, and faster way to learn Mandarin.

Immersion is what we are talking about – exposing yourself to all sorts of interactions in Chinese on a daily basis as if you were actually in China.

While a great way to supplement your tuition classes, it isn’t always feasible to stay long-term in China – which is why it is important that you work on exposing yourself to Mandarin as much as possible, wherever you are.

This includes enrolling yourself in Mandarin courses for adults, whose curriculums focus on both on effective learning, as well as immersion.

Below are a couple of reasons why immersion is incredibly important in learning Mandarin:

  1. Making Chinese a part of your daily routine and immersing yourself in the language helps speed up the rate of your learning because it gives you constant opportunity to practice.
  2. The language learning process goes by a lot faster if you’re not worried about having to switch languages all the time. This is why people who are placed in foreign countries tend to learn the language much faster than those who simply take classes. Complete immersion allows you to focus on learning Chinese, even when you’re not actively trying.
  3. When you immerse yourself in Chinese, you also learn more about the culture and their people. A deeper understanding of both allows you to develop a more intimate relationship with the language.

Even if you’re just at home, there are things that you can do to immerse yourself in the Chinese language.

For starters, you can actively reach out and meet with native Chinese speakers in your area.

In fact, there are plenty of native Chinese speakers who will be more than willing to help you practice Mandarin every day, whether online or offline. By joining social media groups or forums, you are creating opportunities for yourself to learn further.

Other easy ways to immerse yourself is by simply turning on Mandarin subtitles, or even switching the dubbing of your favourite movies or television series to Chinese. When you’re proficient enough, you can even start watching them without any assistance!

Remember, you don’t necessarily have to be in China to immerse yourself in Chinese.

There’s really nothing like the experience of being literally immersed in the culture of the language that you are trying to learn. Between your Mandarin courses, talking to Native Chinese speakers regularly, as well as consuming Chinese media – you will undoubtedly greatly accelerate your language learning process!

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