How Language Exchange Can Be Useful to Learn Chinese in Singapore?


Language exchange is a mutual language learning process in which two contradictory language speakers exchange their languages in order to learn each other’s languages. This process has literally revolutionized online or offline language learning.

In Singapore, there are substantial numbers of Chinese citizens staying, therefore, it’s easier to learn the Chinese language through the process of language exchange rather than by any conventional course. Being foreigner, if you are studying in any of the Singapore institutes then you definitely need to learn the language which is being the most spoken language i.e. Chinese Mandarin as more than 70% of their population is Chinese.

Additionally, if you’re eyeing to begin your career in the Singapore as well then you’re obliged to learn the Chinese language for the sake of necessary interactions. Enormous numbers of Chinese organizations bother you to do so. Here are few tips to utilize language exchange effectively for learning Chinese:

  • Find Your Language Partner
  • Decide Learning Time
  • Choose Medium
  • Keep Calm and Learn

Find Your Language Partner

If you’ve finally made up your mind for language exchange instead of traditional language course conducive to learn Chinese in Singapore then the first thing you’ll do is to find a Chinese partner who wants to learn your mother tongue. I don’t know about other nations but in Singapore, it won’t be a time-taking task.

Most likely you can find him/her at the institute in which you’re studying otherwise you could get from the place nearby your house or from the internet easily. After finding it, be honest with him/her about your proficiency level of so he (or she) will deal you in accordance with your level.

Decide Learning Time

By chance if you’ve found the right partner then the 2nd thing for you to do is assign time on the learning. Commonly time has been decided after the compliance of both parties. Specify the time of learning and practicing as well. I suggest you to allocate not more than one hour because more time will gradually reduce the intensity of learning and you should be active as much as you can while learning.

Choose Medium 

There are various means of utilizing the language exchange between you and your partner. Some methods preferred in Singapore are internet-based—voice chat, text chat and email whereas some are based on face-to-face conversational learning. It’s imperative for you to pick that medium which can be easily accessible or understandable for you and your partner.

Keep Calm and Learn

Finally, in order to learn Chinese in Singapore through the language exchange, you have taken all the crucial steps. The only thing left for you now is sheer learning. Ask suggestions from your partner if you bogged down anywhere in phonetics or grammar of Chinese language. Don’t interrupt your partner amid the conversation, you can ask about the problems you faced while conversation at the end and vice versa.

The scope of language exchange for learning the language, particularly the Chinese is developing day by day. Consequently, there shouldn’t be any fear or anxiety regarding this process. This will let you learn the language with daily-used phrases, words, and practical exposures.

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