Learn Chinese, Mandarin Course Singapore

How Learning Chinese Can Benefit Your Business Career

Learn Chinese, Mandarin Course Singapore

Unlike the 1980s and the 1990s, China has evolved beyond the periphery of global trade. As physical borders continue to collapse and the world integrates into one big digital community, knowledge of the Chinese language has become increasingly important and beneficial. This is especially so for Singaporeans who are looking to grow their business interests in the ASEAN region.

There are several reasons why you should learn Chinese in Singapore. One such reason is that the Chinese economy is dominant in the ASEAN region, and the country has been the epicentre of global economic growth.

If you are looking to pursue a business career, then here are a few reasons why Chinese is key in helping you reach your goal.

1. Communicate easily not just in China, but in many other countries

When you opt to learn Chinese in Singapore, you won’t simply focus on one nation or one market. This is because Chinese is spoken in several other countries outside of China. These include countries like Thailand, Brunei, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and right here in Singapore. The language also spreads beyond the ASEAN region, into areas such as Australia and the United States.

While English remains the preferred global lingua franca, it is hard to ignore the prevalence and impact of Chinese.

2. You will be able to communicate much better

When you able to understand and speak proper Chinese, it eliminates the need for translators who can be a barrier to communication. Learning Chinese in Singapore is not just about learning verbs, nouns and sentence construction. It is also about learning the culture, history, economy, and lifestyles. If you choose, you can also enrol in an online Mandarin course in Singapore to further enrich your knowledge of China.

This can help to turn rigid interactions into vibrant business discussions that include wholesome exchanges. Appreciating the culture behind the language can also help you to develop strong bonds with Chinese-speaking business partners. You will also be in a better position to negotiate business deals.

3. Employers will scout for you

When you learn Chinese in Singapore, you are beginning to stack your career blocks together. This is because China is home to over 10% of the world’s largest companies. Many companies are looking to tap into this market, but the language is one of the key barriers that companies face when establishing their business in the region.

Multilingual business executives who are proficient in Chinese are a sought-after resource in this region and globally.

4. Open the doors to a vast market

China is home to the world’s largest middle-class population, which is nearly double the population in the US. It will not be long before China surpasses the US as the largest consumer market.

Whether you are pursuing finance, marketing or any other form of business, this is where the global growth engine will be for the next couple of years. If you can speak, read and write Chinese fluently, you will be able to gain a foothold on the opportunities that are currently residing in this market.

In conclusion, these are compelling reasons why you should learn Chinese in Singapore, especially if you are pursuing a business career in the ASEAN region. While it may not be easy for an English speaker to grasp Chinese at first, with time and effort, you too will be able to speak Chinese with ease.

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