Learn Mandarin Singapore

How Learning Mandarin Can Help your Career

Learn Mandarin Singapore

It is not a secret that learning a new language can help to advance your career. Globalization has led to an increase in the number of transnational companies today and has also fostered business relationships with people from different countries. Being able to communicate in different languages will make this a whole lot easier.

China is undisputedly one of the world’s most powerful countries and is considered by everyone as a global superpower. China has their hand in nearly all, if not all, of the economies in the world. The Chinese economy is growing rapidly and the world has no choice but to keep up with them. One way to do this is by learning their most commonly spoken language, the official language of China, Mandarin.

In this article, we will be discussing how learning Mandarin language can help your career and make you a much better competitor in a cut-throat industry.


  • Firstly, indicating that you have learned or are in the process of learning Chinese can set you apart from other job applicants. Many industries find themselves saturated with job applicants who all have the same degree and want the same job. But what will set them apart and make them a valuable asset to the company? Bilingualism. This is especially important for transnational companies who will need representatives in China and other countries where Mandarin is spoken such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.
  • If you find that you haven’t gotten a promotion in years and you don’t seem to be advancing in your career, start attending some Mandarin classes in Singapore. This is especially true for finance and manufacturing sectors where partnerships with Chinese clients have become increasingly popular. Learning Mandarin and being able to socialise in both formal and informal settings can create very strong ties with Chinese investors or partners and can place you in a very important position in your company. This will result in an increase in income and huge benefits and may also provide other opportunities for a higher salary.
  • If you are unhappy in your job, taking a Mandarin course in Singapore can open a lot of doors for you. You can leave that boring job and take up a career in translation, create instruction manuals or any other field where being able to communicate in Mandarin is necessary. You will be able to work as a freelancer or for a corporation or even for a non-profit organisation.
  • If you still in university, consider taking up Mandarin as a second language. Many students have gotten overseas job offers right out a university, not because they are the top of their class, but because they are competent in the Mandarin language.

Mandarin is the first language of over 1.2 billion people in the world today. This is twenty percent of all mankind. It is also considered the second most important language in global business, after English. If that doesn’t inspire you to learn the language, the aforementioned career benefits should.




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