How persistence can get a beginner learner to expert level

How persistence can get a beginner learner to expert level

Are you planning to learn Chinese? For fluently learning Chinese in Singapore, you require one trait more than any other and that’s “perseverance”.

Here are some tips to go from a beginner level to expert in Mandarin Chinese:

  • Put in the hours

There’s no substitute of hard work. You must practice learning Chinese daily. The key here is consistency. You can’t become fluent in Chinese by practicing it only once or twice a week, at least not until your hair turn white and your teeth start falling. If you want to learn Chinese, you must practice is everyday or almost every day for many years.

  • Quality of practice matters

It’s always quality over quantity. Of course, you must put in the hours, but what finally will decide your progress is how you use your practice time. Create a clear-cut, uncomplicated learning plan and follow it. Don’t jump from one topic to another midway, because this way you will not thoroughly learn either.

  • Use an electronic dictionary

Carrying an electronic dictionary with you as it will help you understand Chinese signposts, food menus, and other things. This way you will be able to learn more words and re-learn words which you had earlier learnt but have forgotten.

  • Practice listening Chinese

Chinese is a tonal language and that’s why it is necessary that you learn to first identify different tones and then speak them. As much as possible, you should practice listening to Chinese audio, preferably of real people, because the way real people speak Chinese on the street is different than presenters in audios that come with study material.

  • Speak in Chinese as much as possible

It is natural to feel a little shy while speaking in Chinese, especially in front of natives. Well, overcome your shyness as quickly as possible, because speaking Chinese as much as possible, even when your Chinese vocabulary is limited, ability to identify and speak different tones is flawed, and pronunciation is pedestrian, is the best way to gain fluency in the language.

Apart from speaking Chinese at every opportunity while on the streets, you should form a language group with fellow learners in your Mandarin classes in Singapore. This way you will be able to practice even more.


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