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How Taking Language Lessons Will Improve Your Mother Tongue

mandarin course singapore

Learning a second or a third language is now a common thing to do for anyone who wants to compete fairly in various aspects of life such as career or business. While most people will learn a second language to improve their communication in a new country, others usually rely on the second language to gain fluency in the mother tongue. Some people will also take an interest in a second language to understand a new culture or increase their competitive edge in the job market. Therefore, people will always take up a new language for both personal and professional reasons.

Most Singaporeans learning a second language have often noted an improvement in their mother tongue. As a result, many enrol in a mandarin course in singapore even without intentions of using it elsewhere outside their homes or offices. In this article, we are going to discuss the various ways that learning a new language will directly improve your mother tongue.

Comparisons will polish your knowledge of your native language
Language learners will always try to think in their native language and then translate everything into the new language that they are learning. When you learn new vocabularies and grammar rules, you will often compare them with your mother tongue to understand them completely. As a result, your mother tongue’s fluency will be polished while you are trying to grasp the rules of the new language that you are learning.

You appreciate your culture
Learning the Chinese language exposes you to their rich and complex culture, cuisines, dances, and even festivals. By immersing in other cultures, you will have a greater appreciation of your heritage and culture. By being aware of the similarities and differences between cultures, your view will be more nuanced and open-minded.

Some words used in your native language come from other languages
Most languages derive some words from others. For example, English has some words originating from Greek and Latin while Korean has borrowed from the English language. Therefore, learning a language like English would give a boost to your Korean mother tongue. Languages like Chinese have also tried to use Roman characters called pinyin to make the learning process easier. Therefore, anyone whose mother tongue is English will find it easier to learn pinyin while at the same time polishing up his or her mother tongue.

You get a special view of your native language
Learning a new language will make you analyse your mother tongue in a way that you have never done before, from culture to syntax and vocabulary. The linguistic skills exercised in picking up a new language will allow you be keenly aware of the nuances in your mother tongue. By enrolling in a new language course in Singapore, you can hone your mother tongue.

Some languages with very distinct features such as Chinese and the European languages may be difficult to compare, but they will confer a deeper understanding towards your native language. You may also consider taking a Mandarin course in Singapore to gain other benefits such as easy communication with colleagues as well as boosting your brainpower and cognitive abilities.  

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