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How To Choose A Chinese Language School In Singapore

Business Chinese Class, Business Chinese Singapore

You’ve probably read about or seen a new school appearing near your place offering Chinese language courses. You were perhaps even keen to enrol yourself in the course. Due to the rise in demand for Chinese language speakers, many language schools have started cropping up all over Singapore.

Unfortunately, not all of these language schools meet the required standards, or even if they do, they meet the bare minimum.

This is why it’s incredibly important to ask yourself a couple of key questions before enrolling in a class or course.

Below, you’ll find a couple of tips that can help you choose the right language school.

1. The school philosophy

Many interested language learners fail to pay attention to this crucial point.

When choosing a language school, they must share the same vision with you, or at the very least, their vision should complement yours. This helps ensure that the language school is a good fit for you as an individual.

Perhaps what is more important than the school’s philosophy is how they implement it within the school itself.

Inquiring a language school on their philosophy, how it fits with their mission, vision, and goals, and how they ensure that their philosophy extends to the classrooms, is a good way to know if the language school is worth your time and money.

2. Curriculum

Because there is no universal approach in language learning, each language school uses its own curriculum to educate students.

It’s important that they are open about their curriculum to any student or learner who’s interested in enrolling. They should be transparent and able to fluently explain the kind of curriculum they are using, as well as the reasoning behind it.

Remember, the school’s curriculum determines the type of learning for the students, as well as how effectively they retain the lessons.

It may take some time to find out which schools and curriculums fit you and your type of learning best, but putting in the time to do your research can effectively determine whether or not you’ll be able to learn Chinese within your preferred timeline.

Especially if you are a working adult having to deal with a tight schedule, this is an important factor to consider when looking to enrol in a business Chinese class.

3. Class size

Speaking of determining if a school will fit your learning style, class size is also an important determining factor.

There are different advantages and disadvantages to small, as well as large classrooms. After all, each type of learning environment caters to a different set of learners.

In general, smaller classroom sizes are always better. This is because it allows a more personal and close relationship between teachers and students, making it easier to foster an environment where meaningful back-and-forth discussions are the norm.

The smaller the student-teacher ratio is, the better.

Anything else, such as additional teaching assistants, as well as personalized learning, are all bonuses.

Before you enrol in a Chinese class in Singapore, make sure that you consider these things first.

Don’t be afraid to ask the language school questions, especially concerning their curriculum and class size. The ones that can provide you with satisfactory answers and information are usually the ones who will give you your money’s worth and help you pick up the language faster and more effectively.

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