How to Choose the Right Business Partner?


Deep knowledge of business Chinese plays a major role in choosing the right business partner in the international market. Get this for free, majority of business partnerships fail as soon as they start. The failure comes due to wrong decisions made months before the actual launch of the business. However, the truth is that partnerships that do succeed results to companies that record great growth within a short period of time. Combined synergies, diverse skills and potentials lead to the realization of goals hence productivity. Here are some tips on how to choose the right business partner in the global market:

  • Common goals

Business partners with common goals have a high probability of succeeding in their venture. When choosing a business partner, it is imperative to consider the individual goals and those of the partner to be. Crashing goals lead to unhealthy in-house competition, conflicts and confusion that affect the staffs and clients negatively. In this case, it is advisable to have a meeting with the target partner and place on the table the individual goals. Then, identify the common goals to determine whether you are compatible business wise or not. Language as a tool of communication plays an important role in common goals identification process when choosing a business partner. For example, if the target partner is from china, mastery of business Chinese language skills makes the goals identification process successful.

  • Complimentary personal strengths

People with complementary personal strength forms a business partnership that stands the test of time. When choosing a business partner, it is important to analyze personal strengths that each will bring into the founded company. For example, a Chinese individual is likely to have strength in building technology and operational systems in a company hence matching well with a business partner whose strength is to enhance professional relationships and ties. You can only realize the strength of the target partner through effective communication while sharing ideas, inspirations and experience. This can only be achieved if you are using a common language. Business Chinese skills widen the opportunity for getting the right business partner with complementary strengths.

  • Identify a friend

For a business partnership to last and be productive, it is important to identify a friend. This does not mean choosing an existing friend (though it can also be) but identifying a person who is easy and fun to be with. This is an individual with acceptable values to you and a great communicator with a positive attitude. It is possible to identify an individual with a personality that is easy to build a professional relationship with through a general dialogue for a period of time. You can spend time with a target business partner during a professional meeting and sharing light moments months before the launch of the company to assess his or her personality. In this case, if your target business partner is of Chinese origin, you will need to learn Chinese language for effective communication. Business Chinese skills will help you in understanding the personality, values and culture of the individual hence choosing the right business partner.

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