How To Create Your Own Language


After learning a few foreign languages, you might think of creating your own language. Though it is difficult to make a new language as popular as Chinese or English, you can still give it a try. Even if your language becomes popular in your own friend circle, you can feel the pride. The first thing in every language is to develop the rules of practice speaking and writing it; only then, anyone will be able to grasp it. Then, you need to have a vocabulary for your language. After you have successfully created your own language, you would like to make it famous. Begin with your friends and later you can attempt to spread it extensively if it is liked by the masses. Having a secret language can be creative and fun when you have secret information to share with your friends. Here is how you can create your own language.

Substitute the letters

Take any language and substitute its letters with each other. This is also called coding in competitive exams, for which only you know the method of decoding. However, you can use this method to create and speak a completely new language. For instance, in English, you can replace the following letters:

  • A~K
  • B~L
  • C~M
  • D~N

And so on. You can replace all the letters, but the vowels to make it easier to speak the language. For instance,  you can write E~P, in place of E~O, according to the examples given above.

Exchange the vowels

In place of swapping the vowels with consonants, you can swap them with each other. For instance,

  • A~U
  • E~A
  • I~E
  • O~I
  • U~O

This will give you more scope to speak the language you create. Only the person who knows these codes can understand the language and the listeners can only wonder what you and your friends are saying.

Practice writing and speaking your language

Once you develop the grammar, you must practice writing and speak a few words again and again. Make small notes for new words and share them with your friends. Talk to each other online and offline in your new lingo. The more you practice, the quicker it will be your second language.

Decide the method of sharing the language

If you have decided to create a difficult code for the language, you and your friends would like to have a detailed sheet of rules so that no one faces difficulty in decoding the new language. You might find it difficult to speak and write the new lingo for a few weeks, but once you get the hang of it, you will start enjoying it.

Any new language is difficult to learn, the most complex being business Chinese. Even after being the most difficult language with thousands of characters, it is the most widely spoken language of Asia, particularly Singapore. If you want to learn Chinese in Singapore, it can benefit you a lot in your daily life as well as career. You can take advantage of tremendous opportunities once you learn a new language.

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