How to Effectively Find the Best Business Chinese Course in Singapore?


Personal relationships and market research are similarly important when doing any kind of business. So, it is very imperative to build and preserve your relationship with your business contacts as soon as possible and find ways to know more about their culture if you want to start expanding your business elsewhere.

But of course, there are a lot of things to consider and reconsider. Planning to expand your business somewhere else—be it in China or Singapore can be tough especially if you don’t have any connection. As an entrepreneur, you must consider the language dominantly spoken in the country where you’ll be doing your business with.

If your business is in Singapore, you must possess the skills in speaking business Chinese Mandarin. This will help alleviate the tension between you and your business partners due to misunderstanding and /or lack of communication, thus making your partnership better.

The cost of business Chinese courses

The cost of business Chinese course can vary from one school to another, so it is always advisable to shop around and do your online search. Just type “business Chinese” in your search bar and you will come up with a lot of different results. You have to click each one from the first page of Google search to know more information about the various mandarin Chinese courses these schools offer.

You may also consider hiring a private tutor who will help you learn Chinese Mandarin faster. With this type of learning, you wouldn’t have to worry about travelling, because the teaching-learning process will be done via Skype or other preferable platforms where one can communicate using headphone and video. Alternatively, look around for reputable Chinese language schools that offer basic mandarin conversation to business Chinese with customized topics that will be beneficial for a newbie.

Tuition fees for business Chinese courses range depending on the course levels so if you are worried about the cost, there are government agencies that can help you with this. Look around your vicinity for community club offering these courses. Some of its members are volunteers but can provide high-quality learning. If you cannot find community club around your area, you may also check Singapore Chinese Chamber Institute of Business as they offer Business Chinese language courses for business man, managers and executives.

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