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How To Learn The Chinese Language As A Busy Parent

Chinese Course Skillsfuture, Singapore Chinese Course Skillsfuture

As a parent, with little time and energy to dedicate and focus on learning Chinese, it is easy to think about giving up on your dreams of learning the Chinese language. But, do not do that just yet.

It is still possible to learn the Chinese language as a busy parent.

If you are planning on taking a Chinese course while having to deal with a tight schedule – below are 3 simple tips on how even the busiest parents can still pick up the Chinese language.

1. Learn with your child

This is the first and perhaps most effective way to learn Chinese despite your busy schedule.

At first, try to interact with your child in the Chinese language, who will most likely be already learning the language as well. Be there during their entire learning process – your child will most likely be more receptive having you around to guide and make their learning experience more wonderful and enjoyable!

Eventually, the two of you can start reading Chinese language storybooks together, as well as practice writing to each other in Chinese.

By learning with your child, you make the language-acquisition experience more pleasant for both yourself and your child.

2. Find Native Chinese speakers

Chinese is the most spoken language in the world. It should not be too hard to find someone who speaks Chinese around your area. However, don’t just look for someone who speaks Chinese. Instead, look for a native Chinese speaker.

There should be plenty of professionals in your area that you can hire.

For example, you can hire a caregiver or a babysitter who is a native Chinese speaker.

This is a very efficient way to learn the language because you can do so right at the very comfort of your home. Not to mention, having someone to talk to in person makes it easier to find answers if you have questions about the language, their culture, and more.

If you are unable to find a nanny or a babysitter, you can also try hiring a private tutor.

As mentioned earlier, if your child is getting private tutoring at home, you might as well get a tutor for yourself – there is definitely no shame in doing so.

3. Study children’s books and listen to children’s media

In addition to taking a Chinese course, one thing that can help tremendously is to learn through your child’s books and media.

Chinese media and literature for kids are ideal for learning because the language is simplified for kids to understand.

Since you are also a beginner in learning Chinese, children’s literature and media is ideal for you.

This method is a win-win for you – not only do you save money on the Chinese materials, you and your child both get to learn together.

Learning the Chinese language as a parent will not be easy, but it’s doable. You can start learning with your kids, and eventually, learn on your own. Plus, there are plenty of Chinese courses available in Singapore today – offering flexible timings that cater specifically to your schedule.

Just remember to set reasonable goals and know that, because of how hard you are working – you are setting a good example for your children to follow.

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