How to Stop Whining and Start Learning a Language

How to Stop Whining and Start Learning a Language

What prevents you from learning a new language?

Maybe you believe:

  • I was never good at languages, not even at school.
  • This language wasn’t hard in the beginning, but now it is just as tough as climbing a mountain
  • I have no idea where I can get classroom language training
  • I’m too old to learn this language. I should have started when I was young.

Sounds familiar?

Well, in that case you analyze your excuses thoroughly and overcome the mental blocks once and for all. If you want to learn Chinese in Singapore or some other language, it is important you do this, the sooner the better.

Excuse #1 – I’m not good at Chinese language learning

This one is fairly common. Ok, so you tried learning a language at school, worked just as hard as everyone else, but your grades were considerably lower than average. But what that has got to do with your present interest in a new language?

Perhaps the reason why you failed were not because you aren’t good at language learning but because the teaching method used at your school didn’t suit you much. To learn a new language now, all you have to do is find a method that learn mandarin fast.

Excuse #2 – This language wasn’t tough earlier, but now, oh boy, it’s supremely tough to grasp

Ok, so you are unable to move forward in language learning and are now feeling it is extremely difficult. Well, the first thing to remember is that many at some point of their language learning or other feel the same way.

So what you are feeling is not unnatural. However, what wouldn’t be right is to quit learning the language for this reason. Even if you pick another relatively ‘easier’ language, chances are soon you’ll soon want to quit it too for this very reason.

That’s because the problem is not so much with the difficulty level of a particular language than with your attitude.

Excuse #3 – I’ve no idea where to find classroom training

Well, sometimes you might not have language classes for a particular language in your city or even country. For example, even though more people on earth speak Chinese than any other language, in certain parts of the world it might prove difficult to find a suitable classroom learning program. If that’s the case, you might want to travel to Mainland China or Singapore, as there are innumerable Mandarin classes in Singapore.

If traveling to a different country and living there is not feasible, you might try virtual classroom training. Having said that, virtual classroom training is not half as good as classroom training.

Excuse #4 – I’m too old to learn this language

What has age got to do with language learning? You can learn a new language at any age. Of course, research shows it is much easier to pick up a new language when you are young. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn a new language later. You can learn Chinese or any other language at any age.

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