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Our school caters to many different kinds of students who want to learn Mandarin ranging from children who want to improve their Mandarin skills to adult foreigners who want to do business in Mandarin-speaking countries. Our clients choose us for our interactive way of teaching Mandarin.

First, our curriculum makes use of very effective tools for learning such as videos and CDs. We also incorporate a lot of role playing and sentence forming exercises as we have discovered that these are better and more efficient methods to help students learn Mandarin as compared to simply reading from a textbook and memorising. We also give course books to help students study during their free time and also workbooks that contain exercises to practice on.

Our classes include beginner adult conversational Mandarin, advanced business Mandarin, intensive Mandarin crash course, the HSK exams review, International IB Mandarin, Local School Chinese lessons, and Mandarin for kids.

Sample of our Trial Class video introduction (please contact us for password)

Course Preview and Topics covered:

  • Mandarin learning objectives
  • Importance of using Hanban Chinese syllabus and Native Mandarin teacher
  • Why Communicative teaching is better than academic learning?
  • Why focusing on perfecting your tones will slow down your conversational skills learning?
  • How teaching and recorded class videos can double your learning speed?
Weekday 10am-12pmWeekday 7:00pm – 9:00pmWeekendLevel Fee
Physical or OnlinePhysical or OnlinePhysical or OnlineBeginner 1
18 Oct (Mon)04 Oct (Mon)02 Oct Sat (2pm-4pm)$50
19 Oct (Tue)12 Oct (Tue)17 Oct (Sun 10am-12pm)$50

Venue: 137 Cecil Street level 7, #04 Training Room, Hengda Building, Singapore 069537

Speaker Linda Huang will be sharing with you the teaching methodology, course syllabus from China, videos Chinese lessons, Teacher selection & training and many more.

Register now, Seats are limited to 6 pax only!

Video on “How to Say Some Chinese Greetings Sentences” (please contact us for password)

Chinese Class Teaching Video – 10mins (please contact us for password)

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