Learn to Speak Basic Chinese Words


China is an upcoming economic world power and nowadays, a lot of people are learning their language in order to survive and grow in the business world. Due to the great importance of China, learning Chinese in Singaporebecomes equally important. There are many institutions that offer Mandarin classes which will help you in understanding and learn the language easily.

We are going to explain some basic Chinese words. These are the most basic as well as the most useful words in Chinese.


Greeting someone is the most basic way to engage with anyone. The phrase “how are you” would be how you want to greet someone in a good way and want to ask them about their health. In Chinese, all you need to say is “Ni Hao Ma”. You can also use the shorter version like “ni hao” too. Most professions will use this easy and most common phrase to greet each other.

Saying “goodbye” in the Chinese language can be said as “Zai Jian” if you want to say goodbye to anyone. You need to keep this phrase in mind and do note that you can also use this phrase if you want to say “see you again”.

How to Say ‘Receipt’

If you want to ask someone for the receipt, all you need to say is ‘Fa Piao’. You may need to use this word a lot if you are going to visit any country with many native Chinese. This word is also useful if you want to complain about any fraud or any other monetary issues you have encountered.

Chinese is a very spoken language, that is why you have to give your best if you want to learn this language fully.

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