Learning Chinese: What Have I Gained?

mandarin chinese characters printed on textbook page.

mandarin chinese characters printed on textbook page.

If you have been considering to enrol for a Chinese course, do it. Deciding to learn Chinese is one big move that many people have chosen to make to advance their careers. Mastering a second language, and one as crucial as Chinese, has propelled many to the next stage of their career whether it be in a current job or a better one. As a result of these obvious benefits, many have chosen the smart route by deciding to learn Chinese in Singapore as there are many benefits to it. This thriving republic is situated south of Asia off the Malay Peninsula. It has grown in popularity in recent times since living there is a lot more affordable than a sojourn to other Chinese countries such as Beijing or Shanghai’s China.

One thing is certain, learning Chinese at the source is always the best way to go. But there is an easy way to get the job done. Of course, it will be necessary to make use of some sort of structured lessons at first. This can be either face to face with an instructor or online. This decision is simply a matter of preference and both options are perfectly acceptable. These introductory lessons will of course include mastering the pronunciation of the letters and combination of letters that make up the Chinese alphabet. You will then press on to mastering the various tones used in Chinese and understanding how these can change the meaning of your words. And of course, expanding your Chinese vocabulary will be the next step.

Once you have laid a solid foundation of good pronunciation and an appreciation for the correct tones, you will then press on to the real reason why you chose to go out of your way to learn Chinese in Singapore. That reason of course, must be developing fluency. Becoming fluent in Chinese is not going to happen overnight. You will have to put in a little work and get as much practice as possible. Thankfully however, you will be surrounded by native Chinese speakers in Singapore, and the task will prove a little easier. You will be able to listen to and try to converse with people speaking Chinese on a daily basis. Better yet, you will be forced to push yourself and put everything you have learned into practice since this will become a necessary part of your everyday life.

Just think about it. It will be easy to learn Chinese in Singapore because you will need Chinese to get directions, order food and to entertain yourself. Having fun and experiencing the language come to life is far more interesting than listening to a single tutor speak on and on for a few weeks. Having fun while learning a language as tricky as Chinese is one of the easiest ways to master the language quickly.

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