Learning Mandarin: What to Look Forward To


You want to learn Mandarin but are not sure about from where to start? Or perhaps you are still contemplating whether you should take up Mandarin and are not exactly clear about what to expect?

Well, don’t worry this blog will answer these questions, in addition to giving you additional useful information. So let’s dig in.

Q#1 – Learning Mandarin: What should I look forward to?

Learning Mandarin is a big decision, so should think it over thoroughly before taking the plunge. Different people decide to learn Chinese in Singapore for different reasons. While there’s no right or wrong reason for learning Mandarin, you should know your reason. Taking up Mandarin, often ranked as one of the top 5 most difficult languages to learn, especially in adulthood, just on a whim is likely to prove a mistake. Therefore, think hard before starting. If you have doubts, take more time to think things over. But start learning Mandarin only after you are hundred percent sure about your interest in learning it.

Once you’ve decided to learn Mandarin, the next thing is to create a plan of action. That is, how you will learn it. There are a few options available: classroom training, private tuition, and online tutorials.

Q#2 – How should I start learning Mandarin?

This is a personal decision. As said above, you’ll have to choose among the few options available. Most people prefer classroom training and in our opinion, that’s the way to go. That’s because you get a chance to learn from a talented teacher, who not only knows Mandarin but also is an expert in teaching it to others.

A private tuition is also a great option, but its drawback is that it’s extremely expensive. If your budget allows, you might try it out. If not, we believe, you should join regular Mandarin classes.

Q#3 – How much time it will take to become fluent in Mandarin?

As said above, Mandarin is a complex language. With regular classes, say about at 10 hours every week, you will become fluent in about 5 years. However, don’t let this statistic deter you. It’s best you break your goal into smaller goals, as this help you chart out your progress and keep yourself motivated better.

Q#4 – Do I need to live in Mainland China or Singapore to learn Mandarin?

Some believe one can only learn Mandarin if he or she lives in Mainland China or Singapore. In our opinion, that is not so. Yes, of course, taking up Mandarin classes in Singapore will be the best way to go about it, but you don’t have to settle in Singapore just to learn Mandarin. Many top universities all around the world offer Mandarin and, if you are in college, you can easily take up Mandarin as your second or third language. Once you have studied the language and developed some level of fluency in it, you might plan to spend a few years in Mainland China or Singapore to master the language, especially if you want to expand your career in this part of the world.

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