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Benefits from Group Mandarin lessons:

Accredited Chinese course syllabus produced and imported from professional agencies in China.

Experienced teacher who are native Mandarin speakers and bilingual. (able to use proficient English to explain in class)

Our Mandarin teachers are all professionally trained and Applied Mandarin Linguistics Certified.

Our small Mandarin class size (4 to 6 people*) with a good teacher to students ratio. (greater attention is given to students for better result)

Interactive and dynamic way of learning Mandarin. (more role-play and practice in forming sentences)

Effective learning tools like Video Lessons & Audio CD have proven to yield better result when students review these before and after class.

Double learning support – other than course book, an e-copy of the work book will be provided to have more practice.

Dynamic learning tool 24/7 available includes course book & work-book, audio-CD, and in-house video lessons. Communicative teaching approach is used for all levels


Beginner 1 Weekday Morning Class 10:00am to 12:00pm for 10 lessons

Batch NoStart DateEnd DateFrequencyFee
11070807-Aug-1809-Oct-18Every Tuesday$580
11290829-Aug-1831-Oct-18Every Wednesday$580
11140914-Sep-1816-Nov-18Every Friday$580
(06/11 PH No Class)
04-Dec-18Every Tuesday$580
11101010-Oct-1812-Dec-18Every Wednesday$580
11251025-Oct-1827-Dec-18Every Thursday$580
(24/12 & 31/12 PH No Class)
28-Jan-19Every Monday$580
11281128-Nov-1830-Jan-19Every Wednesday$580
11131213-Dec-1814-Feb-19Every Thursday$580

Beginner 1 Weekday Afternoon Class 1:00pm to 3:00pm for 10 lessons

Batch NoStart DateEnd Date Frequency Fee
12220822-Aug-1824-Oct-18Every Wednesday$580
12210921-Sep-1823-Nov-18Every Friday$580
12221022-Oct-1824-Dec-18Every Monday$580
(25/12, 01/01 & 05/02 PH No Class)
12-Feb-19Every Tuesday$580
12201220-Dec-1821-Feb-19Every Thursday$580

Beginner 1 Weekday Evening Class 7:00pm to 9:00pm for 10 lessons

Batch NoStart DateEnd DateFrequencyFee
13130813-Aug-1815-Oct-18Every Monday$580
13300830-Aug-1801-Nov-18Every Thursday$580
(06/11 PH No Class)
Every Tuesday$580
28-Nov-18Every Wednesday$580
13081008-Oct-1810-Dec-18Every Monday$580
13251025-Oct-1827-Dec-18Every Thursday$580
(25/12, 01/01 PH No Class)
Every Tuesday$580
30-Jan-19Every Wednesday$580
(24/12, 31/12 No Class)
25-Feb-19Every Monday$580
13271227-Dec-1828-Feb-19Every Thursday$580

Beginner 1 Daily Class 10:00am to 12:00pm for 10 lessons

Batch NoStart DateEnd DateFrequencyFee
15060806-Aug-1817-Aug-18Daily Class Mon to Fri 10am – 12pm$580
15200820-Aug-1831-Aug-18Daily Class Mon to Fri 10am – 12pm$580
15030903-Sep-1814-Sep-18Daily Class Mon to Fri 10am – 12pm$580
15170917-Sep-1828-Sep-18Daily Class Mon to Fri 10am – 12pm$580
15011001-Oct-1812-Oct-18Daily Class Mon to Fri 10am – 12pm$580
15151015-Oct-1826-Oct-18Daily Class Mon to Fri 10am – 12pm$580
15291029-Oct-1809-Nov-18Daily Class Mon to Fri 10am – 12pm$580
15121112-Nov-1823-Nov-18Daily Class Mon to Fri 10am – 12pm$580
15261126-Nov-1807-Dec-18Daily Class Mon to Fri 10am – 12pm$580
15101210-Dec-1821-Dec-18Daily Class Mon to Fri 10am – 12pm$580
15241224-Dec-1804-Jan-19Daily Class Mon to Fri 10am – 12pm$580

Beginner 1 Weekend Class for 10 lessons

Batch NoStart DateEnd DateFrequencyFee
14040804-Aug-1813-Oct-18Every Sat 10am-12pm$580
14190819-Aug-1821-Oct-18Every Sun 10am-12pm$580
14010901-Sep-1803-Nov-18Every Sat 2pm-4pm$580
14160916-Sep-1818-Nov-18Every Sun 2pm-4pm$580
14061006-Oct-1808-Dec-18Every Sat 10am-12pm$580
14211021-Oct-1823-Dec-18Every Sun 10am-12pm$580
14101110-Nov-1812-Jan-19Every Sat 2pm-4pm$580
14251125-Nov-1827-Jan-19Every Sun 2pm-4pm$580
14151215-Dec-1816-Feb-19Every Sat 10am-12pm$580
14301230-Dec-1803-Mar-19Every Sun 10am-12pm$580

Beginner 1 Weekend Intensive Class

Batch No1st Class Date2nd Class dateLast Class dateFrequencyFee
16240824 Aug (Fri)
- 7pm to 9pm
25 Aug (Sat)
- 9am to 6pm
26 Aug (Sun)
- 9am to 6pm
3 Days Course $580
16280928 Sep (Fri)
- 7pm to 9pm
29 Sep (Sat)
- 9am to 6pm
30 Sep (Sun)
- 9am to 6pm
3 Days Course $580
16261026 Oct (Fri)
- 7pm to 9pm
27 Oct (Sat)
- 9am to 6pm
28 Oct (Sun)
- 9am to 6pm
3 Days Course $580
16301130 Nov (Fri)
- 7pm to 9pm
01 Dec (Sat)
- 9am to 6pm
02 Dec (Sun)
- 9am to 6pm
3 Days Course $580

Beginner 1 Weekday Evening Intensive Class

Batch NoStart DateEnd DateFrequencyFee / student
17020802 Aug 2018
(No class on 09/8 & 10/8)
28 Aug 2018Every Tue + Thu + Fri
(7pm to 9pm)
17030903 Sep 201824 Sep 2018Every Mon + Wed + Fri
(7pm to 9pm)
17091009 Oct 201830 Oct 2018Every Tue + Thu + Fri
(7pm to 9pm)
17091109 Nov 201830 Nov 2018Every Mon + Wed + Fri
(7pm to 9pm)
17301130 Nov 201821 Dec 2018Every Tue + Thu + Fri
(7pm to 9pm)

Beginner 1 Holiday Block Class

Batch NoStart Date End Date FrequencyFee
19090809-Aug-1812-Aug-184 Days Course 5hrs/day
(10am to 4pm)
19031103-Nov-1806-Nov-184 Days Course 5hrs/day
(10am to 4pm)
19221222-Dec-1825-Dec-184 Days Course 5hrs/day
(10am to 4pm)
19291229-Dec-1801-Jan-194 Days Course 5hrs/day
(10am to 4pm)

Beginner 2 Morning Group Class for 10 lessons

Batch NoStart DateEnd Date FrequencyFee
(22/08 PH No Class)
23-Oct-18Every Wed 10am - 12pm$580
(06/11 PH No Class)
27-Nov-18Every Tue 10am - 12pm$580
21111011-Oct-1813-Dec-18Every Thu 10am - 12pm$580
21141114-Nov-1816-Jan-19Every Wed 10am - 12pm$580
21131213-Dec-1814-Feb-19Every Thu 10am - 12pm$580

Beginner 2 Evening Group Class for 10 lessons

Batch NoStart DateEnd DateFrequency Fee
09-Sep-18Every Tue 7pm-9pm$580
(22/08 PH No Class)
24-Oct-18Every Wed 7pm-9pm$580
05-Nov-18Every Mon 7pm-9pm$580
15-Nov-18Every Thu 7pm-9pm$580
(06/11 PH No Class)
04-Dec-18Every Tue 7pm-9pm$580
12-Dec-18Every Wed 7pm-9pm$580

Beginner 2 Intensive Class 10 lessons from 10am to 12pm

Batch No Start DateEnd DateFrequency Fee
25060806-Aug-1827-Aug-18Every Mon + Wed + Fri 10am-12pm$580
25030903-Sep-1824-Sep-18Every Mon + Wed + Fri 10am-12pm$580
25081008-Oct-1829-Oct-18Every Mon + Wed + Fri 10am-12pm$580
25051105-Nov-1826-Nov-18Every Mon + Wed + Fri 10am-12pm$580
25031203-Dec-1814-Dec-18Mon to Fri 10am-12pm$580

Beginner 2 Weekend Group Class for 10 lessons

Batch NoStart DateEnd DateFrequencyFee
06-Oct-18Every Sat 2pm-4pm$580
21-Oct-18Every Sun 2pm-4pm$580
03-Nov-18Every Sat 10am-12pm$580
18-Nov-18Every Sun 10am-12pm$580
08-Dec-18Every Sat 10am-12pm$580

Beginner 3 Morning Group Class for 10 lessons

Batch NoStart DateEnd DateFrequencyFee
31290829-Aug-1831-Oct-18Every Wed 10am -12pm$580
31270927-Sep-1829-Nov-18Every Thu 10am -12pm$580
(25/12 & 01/01 PH No Class)
15-Jan-19Every Tue 10am -12pm$580
31281128-Nov-1830-Jan-19Every Wed 10am -12pm$580

Beginner 3 Evening Group Class for 10 lessons

Batch NoStart DateEnd DateFrequencyFee
31-Nov-18Every Wed 7pm - 9pm$580
(06/11 PH No Class)
04-Dec-18Every Tue 7pm - 9pm$580
(24/12 &31/12 No Class)
14-Jan-19Every Mon 7pm - 9pm$580
33291129-Nov-1831-Jan-19Every Thu 7pm - 9pm$580
(06/02 PH No Class)

06-Mar-19Every Wed 7pm - 9pm$580

Beginner 3 Weekend Group Class for 10 lessons

Batch NoStart DateEnd DateFrequencyFee
07-Oct-18Every Sun 2pm-4pm$580
18-Nov-18Every Sun 10am-12pm$580
15-Dec-18Every Sat 10am-12pm$580
20-Jan-19Every Sun 2pm-4pm$580

09-Feb-18Every Sat 2pm-4pm$580

Beginner 3 Intensive Class 10 Lessons From 10am To 12pm

Batch NoStart DateEnd DateFrequencyFee
35070807-Aug-1827-Aug-18Every Tue + Thu + Fri 10am-12pm$580
35040904-Sep-1824-Sep-18Every Tue + Thu + Fri 10am-12pm$580
35021002-Oct-1822-Oct-18Every Tue + Thu + Fri 10am-12pm$580
35081108-Nov-1829-Nov-18Every Tue + Thu + Fri 10am-12pm$580
35031203-Dec-1812-Dec-18Mon to Fri 10am-12pm$580

Intermediate 1 Group Class for 10 lessons

Batch NoStart Date End Date FrequencyFee
43160816-Aug-1818-Oct-18Every Thu 7pm-9pm$580
43300830-Aug-1801-Nov-18Every Thu 7pm-9pm$580
43130913-Sep-1815-Nov-18Every Thu 7pm-9pm$580
43270927-Sep-1829-Nov-18Every Thu 7pm-9pm$580
43111011-Oct-1813-Dec-18Every Thu 7pm-9pm$580
43251025-Oct-1827-Dec-18Every Thu 7pm-9pm$580
43081108-Nov-1810-Jan-19Every Thu 7pm-9pm$580
43221122-Nov-1824-Jan-19Every Thu 7pm-9pm$580
44040804-Aug-1806-Oct-18Every Sat 2pm-4pm$580
44180818-Aug-1820-Oct-18Every Sat 2pm-4pm$580
44080908-Sep-1810-Nov-18Every Sat 2pm-4pm$580
44220922-Sep-1824-Nov-18Every Sat 2pm-4pm$580
44061006-Oct-1808-Dec-18Every Sat 2pm-4pm$580
44201020-Oct-1822-Dec-18Every Sat 2pm-4pm$580
41140814-Aug-1816-Oct-18Every Tue 10am-12pm$580
41280828-Aug-1830-Oct-18Every Tue 10am-12pm$580
41110911-Sep-1813-Nov-18Every Tue 10am-12pm$580
41250925-Sep-1827-Nov-18Every Tue 10am-12pm$580
41091009-Oct-1811-Dec-18Every Tue 10am-12pm$580
(25/12 & 01/01 PH No Class)
08-Jan-19Every Tue 10am-12pm$580

Intermediate 2 Group Class for 10 lessons

Batch NoStart Date End DateFrequencyFee
53140814-Aug-1816-Oct-18Every Tue 7pm–9pm$580
53280828-Aug-1830-Oct-18Every Tue 7pm–9pm$580
53110911-Sep-1813-Nov-18Every Tue 7pm–9pm$580
53250925-Sep-1827-Nov-18Every Tue 7pm–9pm$580
53091009-Oct-1811-Dec-18Every Tue 7pm–9pm$580
(25/12 & 01/01 PH No Class)
08-Jan-19Every Tue 7pm–9pm$580
53120812-Aug-1814-Oct-18Every Sun 10am-12pm$580
53260826-Aug-1828-Oct-18Every Sun 10am-12pm$580
53090909-Sep-1811-Nov-18Every Sun 10am-12pm$580
53230923-Sep-1825-Nov-18Every Sun 10am-12pm$580
53071007-Oct-1809-Dec-18Every Sun 10am-12pm$580
53211021-Oct-1823-Dec-18Every Sun 10am-12pm$580
51080808-Aug-1812-Oct-18Every Wed 10am-12pm$580
51220822-Aug-1824-Oct-18Every Wed 10am-12pm$580
51050905-Sep-1807-Nov-18Every Wed 10am-12pm$580
51190919-Sep-1821-Nov-18Every Wed 10am-12pm$580
51031003-Oct-1805-Dec-18Every Wed 10am-12pm$580
51171017-Oct-1819-Dec-18Every Wed 10am-12pm$580

Intermediate 3 Group Class for 10 lessons

Batch No Start DateEnd Date FrequencyFee
63070807-Aug-1809-Oct-18Every Tue 7pm – 9pm$580
63210821-Aug-1823-Oct-18Every Tue 7pm – 9pm$580
63040904-Sep-1806-Nov-18Every Tue 7pm – 9pm$580
63180918-Sep-1820-Nov-18Every Tue 7pm – 9pm$580
63021002-Oct-1804-Dec-18Every Tue 7pm – 9pm$580
63161016-Oct-1818-Dec-18Every Tue 7pm – 9pm$580
64050805-Aug-1807-Oct-18Every Sun 10am-12pm$580
64190819-Aug-1821-Oct-18Every Sun 10am-12pm$580
64020902-Sep-1804-Nov-18Every Sun 10am-12pm$580
64160916-Sep-1818-Nov-18Every Sun 10am-12pm$580
64300930-Sep-1802-Dec-18Every Sun 10am-12pm$580
64141014-Oct-1816-Dec-18Every Sun 10am-12pm$580
64281028-Oct-1830-Dec-18Every Sun 10am-12pm$580
61010801-Aug-1810-Oct-18Every Wed 10am-12pm$580
61150815-Aug-1824-Oct-18Every Wed 10am-12pm$580
61290829-Aug-1807-Nov-18Every Wed 10am-12pm$580
61120912-Sep-1821-Nov-18Every Wed 10am-12pm$580
61260926-Sep-1805-Dec-18Every Wed 10am-12pm$580
61101010-Oct-1819-Dec-18Every Wed 10am-12pm$580
61241024-Oct-1802-Jan-19Every Wed 10am-12pm$580

Business Mandarin Weekday Evening Group Class (10 lessons)

Batch NoStart DateEnd DateFrequency Fee
93140814-Aug-1816-Oct-18Every Tue 7pm-9pm$580
93280828-Aug-1830-Oct-18Every Tue 7pm-9pm$580
93110911-Sep-1813-Nov-18Every Tue 7pm-9pm$580
93250925-Sep-1827-Nov-18Every Tue 7pm-9pm$580
93091009-Oct-1811-Dec-18Every Tue 7pm-9pm$580
93231023-Oct-1808-Jan-19Every Tue 7pm-9pm$580
(25/12 & 01/01 PH No Class)
29-Jan-19Every Tue 7pm-9pm$580
(25/12 & 01/01 PH No Class)
12-Feb-19Every Tue 7pm-9pm$580

Advanced Conversational Business Group Class for 10 lessons

Batch NoStart Date End Date FrequencyFee

08-Oct-18Every Mon 7pm-9pm$580

22-Oct-18Every Mon 7pm-9pm$580

05-Nov-18Every Mon 7pm-9pm$580

19-Nov-18Every Mon 7pm-9pm$580

03-Dec-18Every Mon 7pm-9pm$580

17-Dec-18Every Mon 7pm-9pm$580
(24/12 & 31/12 No Class)

14-Jan-19Every Mon 7pm-9pm$580
(24/12 & 31/12 No Class)

28-Jan-19Every Mon 7pm-9pm$580

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