Our Mandarin Language School Online Marketing Journey

Linda Mandarin SEO Course and Facebook Advertising Experience

Linda Mandarin SEO Course and Facebook Advertising Experience

Our Mandarin Language School started Online marketing & SEO marketing since 2014 and the first SEO partner and course attended was with Equinet Academy.

From the 2 days intensive SEO training course conducted by the founder and trainer Dylan Sun, we have a good overview of what is SEO, its ability and function serving as a great marketing tool and platform for our school.

We got to know about what is black and white hat SEO method and truly believed that Equinet Academy provides only the proper and genuine way for Google to detect all white hat practices.

Dylan taught us how to identify our relevant Keywords both short and long tails, to make our campaign more effective. Link buildings and Social Media exposures are important elements all SEO campaign one cannot ignore. Oh yes, of course, Equinet Academy also handles our Facebook Advertising campaign, and within a few weeks, there was a great improvement in our students signing up for Chinese Trial Class.

So if you are planning to use SEO and Facebook marketing to improve your business, then Equinet Academy SEO course is a course all marketers must attend. Claim your SkillsFuture credits if you have not done so.

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