Significance of Learning Chinese in Singapore

Mandarin; Kids Writing New Chinese Character for Practice

Mandarin; Kids Writing New Chinese Character for Practice

During the last two decades, China has reached enormous economic success. Because of this, the eyes of small and giant companies have turned towards China. And since China’s economy is flourishing, a lot of people are also planning to invest in countries nearby China such as Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. With this, it only make sense to learn Chinese in Singapore.

Why enroll Mandarin classes

China has the highest population with about 1,376,048,943 based on wordometers and in 2020, it is anticipated that China’s population will reach as high as 1,402,847,838. With this data, it would be a lot easier to identify that Chinese Mandarin is going to play a significant role worldwide.  And this is not at all surprising because even in the past decade, it has always been thought of as the language of the future.

China has been the global trader of tons and tons of different merchandises. Because of this, its economy is booming and almost all companies import their products either for wholesale or retail from China. Of course there are also other places where products are being imported but the fact is majority of the these products—be it apparels, footwear, furniture, toys, linens, gadgets and electronics—are mass-produced in China. Business in this industry is at its peak. This alone, is enough reason why people from any parts of the world should consider learning Mandarin.

Cultural gap is one of the major problems when it comes to business partnership but there’s always a solution to this. Learning their language is a positive indication that doing business with them is intended to be a long-term partnership.

Studying Chinese Mandarin also opens a new door to different fields like Chinese culture, politics, history, archaeology and economy. It’s great to know that China has rich culture that originated at the core of Chinese civilization. Understanding all these means understanding what’s behind their official language. Not to mention that in a Chinese business setting, great understanding of the customs and traditions of locals play a great role in any business deal.

There is also no denying that China, with all the reports and forecasts from various popular authorities will be the leading player in world affairs in the very near future. One good reason is because it has already opened its door to foreign investment in all parts of the world after many years of being walled off.

Learning mandarin for businessmen can significantly aid any existing business or new entrepreneurs wanting to continue or do business with China. And for people who wants to thrive in the corporate world, being fluent both in English and Mandarin would be a tremendous advantage. Afterall, one needs to know the vast difference between English and Chinese in order to be fluent in both languages.

Big companies are always on the lookout for applicants who are able to speak in two or three languages. This helps them in any business transaction specifically if one of these languages is Mandarin Chinese. It is clearly a huge edge to know how to speak and write this language.

Mandarin classes are offered in many Singapore schools and it is very wise to learn Chinese in Singapore, not only because it is the mother tongue of the country but also because it is a MUST in the future.

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