Strategies and Practices to Learn Mandarin Easily

Strategies and Practices to Learn Mandarin Easily

Taking Mandarin courses is extremely popular today. The rapid growth of China’s economy has piqued many people’s interest in learning Mandarin with the hope of expanding their career prospects. There are many available Mandarin courses in Singapore, even Mandarin courses covered by Skillsfuture. Learning the Chinese language can be a great start for your goals, but how can you learn it easily?

Chinese language may be complicated, but once you know the basics, moving forward and improving will be easier.

Tools and Sources Online

The many tools and sources online that can get you started. There are websites online that would cater to users to learn Mandarin at their own convenience. This is perfect as the schedule will also be flexible and you can review, learn and do everything comfortably at your own pace.

There are also tutorials on how to read and speak Mandarin easily. You can use these resources repeatedly until you feel comfortable in your skills in Mandarin.

Interactive Audio Lessons

It is also ideal to try out interactive audio lessons where you can listen and speak Mandarin accordingly. One best way to do this is to record your own voice and listen to it afterwards. This can give you an idea of how well you handle Mandarin’s multiple tones. You may also find tutors online that can guide you on this.

Interactive audio lessons can also be divided into different courses, so you should check each that could be perfect for your “weaknesses”. Yes, you have to focus your audio lessons on terms or areas that you often struggle with.

Joining Forums and Chinese Communities

Another thing you can do is to join forums and Chinese communities. There are discussions on how to speak Mandarin comfortably which can give you tips right from native Chinese speakers on the thread. An alternate approach to this can be to join Chinese gaming communities. This can give you a first-hand experience to how the Chinese language is used colloquially by native speakers. You can also use your newfound Mandarin skills to communicate with native speakers of Mandarin when you interact with them in the game.

Watching Movies, Dramas and Television Series

Why not watch Chinese movies, dramas and television series? It can be a good step to not only understand their culture, but also to be familiar on their language norms and conventions. There are basic statements or terms often used by Chinese people that are not covered in online or formal lessons, so it can be helpful to learn it right from their cultural products.

There are tons of movies, dramas and television series out there, so you can look for one without subtitles, listen to how they speak and measure your ability to understand without translation. It can also serve as practice and better your skills in speaking and listening to Mandarin.

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