The Art of Gift Giving in China


Gift giving culture is not only found in one country or a region, but it is present all over the world. You do not need to have any reason to offer gifts to your friends or loved ones, but you can give at any time. Gift giving in China is also very popular, Chinese businessman also uses gift giving to gain different benefits. Following are some important gift giving tips in China:

  • In order to give business gifts, the management should choose the best gifts that not only represent your company but they should not be excessively expensive.
  • If any of your customers politely declines to take the gift, you should not mind it, but you should keep insisting him to accept the gift for at least three times.
  • The gifts from the companies to its customers and stakeholders should remind them of the important events.
  • Some companies also offer gifts to their employees on their birthdays and special events to improve the overall morale of the employees. Mandarin classes in Singapore will explain to the students about Chinese culture.
  • The gifter should present the gifts to each other at different timings according to situations, like when you are done with negotiations.
  • In China, the gift wrappers play a vital role. For an example, the red colored gift papers signify luck and similarly, colors of all the gift papers have their own importance and people choose the color of the wrapper according to the event.
  • The business gifts are also offered to the companies for the initiation of the business or any deal.
  • The gift wrappers with white or black colors are avoided as these colors bodes bad omens and not suitable in Chinese culture.
  • All the products like knives scissors and sharp objects should be avoided in as part of the gift as they signify breaking of relationships.
  • Other than business gift giving, the people in china do exchange gifts on different occasions to promote their love for each other. These gifts are exchanged on special events such as the Chinese New Year, birthday events, baby showers or any other such event.

Following are some benefits of such gift-giving culture:

  • Gift giving will bring people closer to each other.
  • People can share their happiness with each other by giving each other gifts.
  • China promotes strong mutually beneficial relationship with other states with the help of gift giving.
  • It demonstrates their respect for superiors and elders and their eagerness to maintain the relationship

China promotes the art of gift giving all over the world, they welcome their friends and other people by offering gifts to them. This is the way to start a new relationship or show their love for the old relationships. Learning Chinese in Singapore will aid in learning the Chinese culture easily.

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