The Difficulties and Opportunities of Learning Mandarin


If your first language is English, learning Mandarin can be really challenging. It is one of the most difficult languages as characters and pronunciations can be complicated. If you want to learn the Chinese language, you will be required to learn a completely new language. There are many reasons why people learn Mandarin and it is mainly because of the various opportunities that they can get.

For more information, let us discuss the difficulties and opportunities you can have from learning Mandarin.

The Difficulties

Mandarin is a very complicated language, the lessons and courses you’ll get from schools and online sites will probably teach the formal side of the language which is often not being used in daily conversations. Even though it can give you the background and basics you need, you may still have to learn the norms and “lighter” version of the statements and wordings of the language.

  • Accents
    There are different provinces within China and this could also mean that people living in the area have different accents as well. This could help to recognize their roots but can be hard if you are learning Mandarin as second language. Thankfully in Singapore, the Mandarin practiced here is mostly standardized across the board.
  • Writings
    To effectively understand and know the language, you should also check the writings and learn it. There are different writings and rules about it that you have to also look out for. This can get confusing especially when there are many strokes that can be involved in a single Chinese word.

The Opportunities

It may be difficult to start with Mandarin while having no backgrounds at all, but there comes a great number of opportunities that can make it totally worth it. Learning Mandarin is very convenient and can be a great addition to the skills that you have.

  • Be Accepted on More Jobs
    It can be a great way for you to be accepted on more jobs out there. Many Chinese people are investing in a business and may need someone who speaks their language fluently so that they can be comfortable working with them.
  • Teach English to students
    It is also a good way to earn extra cash or even use it as your main income. By having a strong command of Mandarin, you can offer to teach English to Chinese students. This is really a good career to consider.
  • Get more prospects for business
    If you are running a business, you should know that Chinese investors make up a huge portion of the business world. Knowing their language can help you impress them and increase your chances of securing a deal. You can also easily get their attention and explain your offers to them.

Learning Mandarin is not as hard as you think. You can start with online sites or invest and look for mandarin class to help you. If you are a Singaporean, you can consider learning Mandarin with SkillsFuture credits, an incentive the government has granted to encourage continuous learning among Singaporeans. You may also want to enroll in an established second language school in your area if you have more time and can manage your schedule accordingly.

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