chinese language course singapore

The Essentials of the Mandarin

chinese language course singapore

If you are planning a long trip to China, learning the Chinese language becomes mandatory. If you are just heading over for a short while, you should at least know some Mandarin. In fact, if you are visiting a country, you should try to learn the basics of that country’s dominant language. Even if you are not visiting China, living in Singapore and not knowing a word in Chinese language, is laughable as it is one of the 4 official languages. People often regard Chinese as an impossible language to learn, when in fact the opposite is true.

  1.    Grammar

In terms of grammar, Chinese resembles English in many ways. A simple sentence in the Chinese language contains an object, subject and predicate. Another thing to remember is that Chinese does not differentiate between singular and plural forms, nor are there gendered differences within the language. Although both languages can seem nothing alike each other, their grammatical structures do contain some similarities.

  1. Characters

One of the major differences of both English and Chinese are their characters. A single 人 means a person, a human being. Learning the elementary components and single assembly fonts is important and getting familiar with them is a slow and gradual process. Just like how we start with the alphabet when we are learning English, Mandarin requires a gradual increase of your knowledge, starting from the smallest denominator of its base characters.

  1. Pronunciation

Pronouncing Chinese properly is usually the largest stumbling block to those looking to learn the language. It is not an easy task for students from all around the world. One drawback for students fluent in English is that they find learning the four tones a bit tough and their respective pronunciation impossible. This is because these four tones are not present in the English language. This problem can be solved easily with practice.

What Happens Once You Learn Mandarin?

Singapore is a country composed of different cultures and languages. Although English, as the official ‘working’ language, has always been the first preference for people, things are changing. Chinese comprise almost 70% of the Singapore population. Tourism, business, and banking industries consist of many Chinese employees. In fact, the 21st century is being called as the Asian Century, where China and Asian nations in general play the most influential role in the global economy.

Today, many of the world’s largest multinational companies and their employers are from China. Chinese are seen in all sectors of Singapore as well. Therefore, if you are planning for a business deal with a Chinese business entity, or plan to in the near future, it is always a good thing to learn their language so that communication becomes easier, and it will surely make them feel more comfortable and at ease with you. Do your research and find a language center to help you learn Mandarin in Singapore.

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