Learning Chinese Language

The Three Most Exciting Languages You Can Learn

Learning Chinese Language

Do you know the most familiar language to us in the world? It is your mother tongue. All people love their mother tongue so much that they can swear that it is the best language ever. However, if you compare different languages, from all over the world, you will realise that some are more exciting to learn and speak than others despite where you came from.

Below are the three most exciting languages you can learn and have that feeling of contentment.


It doesn’t matter where you come from, but you will find Japanese language fun to learn and speak. The syllables appear unnatural and as some of the basic African tongues. However, the pronunciations appear funny. Depending on where you are leaning this language from, you will find it interesting to know the root source of the words which make this language. To cap it all, the Japanese language has many borrowed words mainly from European and other Asian countries. The foreign words are incorporated into this language have a funny pronunciation which will make you laugh for the first time you hear them.

Sign Language

Language is not limited to sounds only. Actually, the sign language passes more information than the spoken language. This is because signs are made more effective by facial and body gestures. What makes this language fun to study and execute is the fact that it involves eye contact always. Even if the person you are communicating with is not in good terms with you, it is a must you maintain eye contact. If you do not because you are angry, you will not pass your dissatisfaction to the other person. This makes the speakers of this language learn tolerance. It would have been good if all the people learned this language because the world would be calm and peaceful.


When it comes to the Chinese language, the fun part is speaking and writing. If you are from an English speaking country, you will find it hard to learn this language during the initial stages, but after some few lessons, you will start to enjoy it. The funny part is when you cannot pronounce the words properly, and they eventually mean something totally different from what you meant.


There are as many different languages in the world as there are tribes and clans. Some languages are plain, and anybody can learn them with ease while others are hard. It is always rewarding and fulfilling to master a language you thought impossible. If you are from an English speaking country, you can learn European languages very fast. However, if you are learning Chinese in Singapore, it will appear funny because you will not find the familiar letters and pronunciations you know. The grammar rules are also very different.

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