There Are Many Roads To Language Fluency

People who grew up in Singapore and speaking the Chinese at home or those who learned the Mandarin language from scratch at a later age will recognize that conversing in business and simple language is entirely different skills.

To help people in this regard, our courses have been designed with a great care and cover all learning goals and the entire spectrum of levels. It does not matter how well one can speak Chinese or why you want to improve, our Mandarin courses can help you achieve all professional and personal goals. Our experienced professionals assess the proficiency level of every new student before they join us. After assessing, they suggest the most suitable course for every individual.

The following is a detailed information about our courses.

  1. Conversational Mandarin Course

This course mainly focuses on the practical aspects of language. It allows students to learn, how to communicate and converse in Mandarin efficiently. Our experts have structured and split it into sub-levels, meaningfully divided in terms of scope and context.

You will feel Singapore as a completely different place after completing our conversational Chinese classes. You will be able to speak this language of different work and social situations. Altogether, these levels will cover twelve hundred Chinese characters.

  1. Business Chinese Course

Most of our students are grateful to achieve the ability to speak this language confidently, and that is the main objective of our conversational course. People that are keen to learn advanced business Chinese sentence structure, formal writing and reading, our business course is a right choice for them.

Our experts have designed this level for business people and corporate clients that need to be well versed in contract terms and business language. This course is especially suitable for companies that have set their sights to do business in a Chinese speaking environment.

In order to determine the suitability of students for this course, we conduct a placement test.

Corporate Training Course

Our experts have specially designed this level for those individuals who need to learn Chinese language as well as conduct terms for their industries. Professional trainers can customize the course syllabus to support your business objectives and to make it industry specific. Furthermore, we can also tailor the training hours according to your needs and you can learn things that are important to your business.

If you are wondering or interested to know which level you would fit in, you are advised to contact us and we will be glad to assist you with friendly advice.

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