Three Steps to Better Practice Chinese Listening


You learn swimming only by getting wet, that is, only when you immerse yourself in it. Learning a new language is just the same. You learn by immersing yourself in it, not by staying on the sidelines.

So if you want to learn Chinese in Singapore, you must immerse yourself in it, but remember not so much that you completely drown. Joining Mandarin classes Singapore is a great way to start learning Chinese, as you’ll be learning from someone who not only knows Chinese but also is a trained teacher. The other advantage is that you’ll be around people like you, non-natives working hard to become fluent in a new language.

Apart from joining regular Chinese classes, you would do well to put into practice these three tips, all of which help you improve Chinese listening.

1.Find appropriate audio

What does the word appropriate denote here? Well, put it simply, it means “interesting” and “comprehensible”. Both these attributes are important.

If want to practice listening Chinese for an hour a day or more, it is extremely important that you listen to audio that is about topics you are naturally interested in. Else, you would be easily distracted.

However, interesting alone will not do. You also need to pick something that’s of your level. And of course the quality of audio should also be good; otherwise, you would be guessing the words half the time, which will be a waste of your time and mental resources.

2.Make listening to Chinese easy

If you’ve listed listening Chinese an hour or two every day as a priority, ensure you make it really easy for yourself to listen to Chinese.

Some suggestions that might help you are as follows:

  • Ensure you always have audio – At all times you must have suitable audio available with you. This will allow you to listen to Chinese whenever you’ve some spare time, which could be while waiting for a bus, enjoying a leisurely walk, or traveling from one point to another.
  • Ensure you have two weeks’ worth of audio with you – You should always have some audio files in your smartphone, more so if you don’t stream audio. Learn to manage your audio by checking on a fixed day every week (it could be Saturday, Sunday, or any other day) what audio you currently have and if it is sufficient for two weeks.
  • Ensure there are no technical issues – Remove bad audio files from your collection. Similarly, if your earphones are not working well, get a new pair immediately.

3.Play the long game

The real challenge lies in practice listening Chinese for an hour or two every day for weeks or months. However, this is something you must do if you want to study Chinese full-time.

Here are two tips to help you:

  • Listen to difficult audio when your energy levels are high – You are likely to find yourself getting tired fairly quickly if you are concentrating hard on understanding difficult audio. That’s why play it when you are at your freshest.
  • Create a study group – Learning socially has its advantages as then you can have public goals to keep you focused and motivated, and if you feel a little tired or down, your study partners can spur you up.
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