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Time Management Tips for Adults Learning Business Mandarin

mandarin course skillsfuture singapore

Many people in Singapore already speak Chinese very well. However, learning business Mandarin is an entirely different game. Many executives in Singapore are familiar with Chinese. However, several have noted that there’s a difference between the Chinese they speak every day – especially in Singapore – and business Chinese. This makes it challenging to use Mandarin in the day to day business.

But all is not lost. There are several centres where you can get an excellent mandarin course in singapore. A move to enrol with such a centre is the first level to take your proficiency in Chinese to a new level by expanding your business vocabulary. The only thing that may stop you could be time.

Here are some time management tips that’ll help you create time to learn business Mandarin.

Begin Early in the Day
Early in the day, start by setting aside some time to figure out what a fruitful day would look like and what it would mean to you. This way you can prioritise activities and narrow down to the minimum things that you can realistically achieve on that day. But remember to factor in some time for interruptions, emergencies and other unforeseeable things. If your quest is to learn business Mandarin, make sure you slot in some time for a few private practice sessions. Remember, an inch of time is an inch of gold, but gold can never purchase lost time. Or as the Chinese would put it  一寸光阴一寸金,寸金难买寸光阴.

Delegation is an art, the masters of which can harness time and are regarded as geniuses. It’s not the same as ridding yourself or abdicating responsibility, and you are still accountable for the task. But, you transfer the actual execution to another competent person.  It allows you to move away from stuff that can get you stuck for a long time. But, when you delegate, you must.

Delegation is not a sign of weakness, intelligence. It enables you to save time, focus on what you are good at and get better results. Best of all, when you delegate, you empower others, and you can get some free time to squeeze in a few Mandarin classes in Singapore.

Maximise on Your Downtime
There are certain unavoidable things in city life. Traffic jam, waiting on the queue on a doctor’s office among others. If you have nothing planned for this time, you’ll waste it. The Chinese knew this, and they said, “lost time is never found again” or岁月既往,一去不回

However, you can do something about it. If you are in traffic, you can plan to listen to a podcast from your Mandarin course in Singapore and sharpen your pronunciation and intonations. Or, try and read a book and hone your business mandarin skills.

Put Off Time-Sucking Activities for the End of the Day.
Activities such as checking your email and interacting on social media are real time suckers. But they are essential and must be done. But that doesn’t mean that you do them during your most productive or genius hours. Use that time to do something that will help you advance in your career such as learning business Mandarin. It is best to bundle these tasks to a specific time block where your faculties are not in full throttle.

In conclusion, these time management tips will help you make the most of your time. However, what matters is the priority level you ascribe to learning business Mandarin. For you to tap into the vast Chinese market, your language skills must go beyond the common cursory 你好 nǐ hǎo (hello); and accepting a business card with both hands.


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