Tips for Excellent Mastery of a Language


Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian; many look forward to learning a new language but they end up regretting their decision. Some are terrified by all the rules and concepts of different languages; some lack the commitment and dedication it calls for while others simply cannot get the opportunity. Excluding an exceptional few, learning a new language isn’t a walk in the park for most.

It does call for passion and commitment. Every achievement comes as a product of hard work. All around the world, there are quite a number of people who can switch seamlessly between languages.

The incredible thing is that most of them did it on their own. They did not even have to set foot in a school. Well, if you just moved to a new country or you are seeking employment or partnership with a foreign company, or it is a school requirement, fret not. All you need passion, dedication, and focus. Here are some top tips that will give you excellent mastery of any language.

Go online

Technological advancement make it even easier to learn new languages. If you wish to take Chinese language course, for instance, there are some credible and reliable apps that you can download and use to supplement your learning. This is very helpful because they help you learn at your own convenience.


If you want to learn Chinese language, you should learn about the culture as well. If you have the time and money, you could even relocate to Singapore for some months. Blend in. Making some Singaporean friends will fasten your learning process. This is very important because you will find out that some of the rules and concepts involved are related to your native tongue. If this is unattainable for you then look for a cultural centre that upholds the Chinese heritage. Go there and learn some more.

Make it fun

Learning a new language does not mean entail endless hours plowing through piles and piles of books. Switching up your learning strategy can do you good. Why don’t you watch a Chinese comedy or documentary? The best thing would be to watch it without the help of subtitles. Make it a habit, every Friday night, and with time, you can even have friends join you. The next time you are in a Chinese restaurant try ordering Chinese. Look up different Chinese musicians and download their music in a separate folder. Listen to it as you work out or when commuting. You may end up not only being perfect at speaking the language but also singing it.

Who are your friends?

You cannot master a new language if you never use it. Make some new friends and always communicate with them in their native language. If you are living very far apart, taking advantage of visually-aiding apps will help you keep in touch. Such interactions will help you understand some of the most confusing aspects of languages, aspects such as tenses and grammatical rules. It will also help you perfect your accent and pronunciation.

Practice some more

If the above-mentioned tips don’t work for you, then consider speaking the language more frequently. It will boost your confidence. Use some basic tricks such as saying good morning in the language you are trying to learn. Teach your family members some of these basics, and this will make the learning easier. If you own a journal, start updating it in that language. Take this to your social media platforms by captioning your posts in the language and you may receive compliments and the occasional helpful comment.

Learning a new language does not have to be a dreaded activity.  Sign up to learn Chinese in Singapore by taking up classes that you can complete within the shortest time possible. One key value that you need to have is tenacity. Understand why you want to learn this language and do not give up. Giving up halfway will only waste your time, money and effort.

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