Singapore Mandarin Lessons

Tips on How to Get Started Learning Chinese by Yourself

Singapore Mandarin Lessons

You are planning to learn a new language, and that language is Mandarin, but you don’t have enough time on your schedule to fit that? Don’t worry! You can learn Mandarin on your own. However, you really need to be prepared because Mandarin is not an easy language and you need to put your willpower, time and energy into it.

So, its such a difficult language, how can it be learned at home?

Get prepared and put your fears aside because it is time for you to learn the Mandarin language. For your ease, we have gathered a few tips that will help you to get the most out of this guide.

Get Familiar with the Sounds

Getting familiar is the key when you learn any new language. Listen to audiobooks, see videos or watch TV shows. This will help a great deal in learning the basics of the Chinese language: its sounds and intonations. This way you can learn the basic Chinese sounds.

Search for the Practical Sides of the Language

Before you plan to take up Mandarin lessons in Singapore, make sure your motive to learn the language is clear. Are you learning the language so that you can travel to the country or for business purposes? Whatever the reason is, use it as motivation to keep you going. There will be times when you will want to give up, but you shouldn’t and this motivation is what will help you keep you hungry for more.

Listen Again and Again

Practice and repetition are what you should be doing. At first, everything will seem daunting to you, but once you have a habit of listening to it over and over again, you will grasp the language soon. With time, you will also understand what those characters mean, where and how to use them. Don’t let this scare you, everything gets done when the time is right and this stands true for learning any language as well.

Don’t Make Learning a Dull Task

Instead, couple it with things that interest you. For example; if you love music, listen to Chinese music, if you like reading, read Chinese novels, stories or poetry. There are so many ways to learn a language, all you got to do is explore which one suits you better.

At the end of the day, practice makes perfect, so don’t forget to practice. Take time out to practice the language, read as many books as you can, talk to a native Chinese speaker and see for yourself how much it helps. Don’t make excuses that you lack time, people who really are interested in learning a language will find the time no matter what. If self-help is not enough, take up professional Mandarin lessons in Singapore.



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