Top 5 Activities to Keep Learning Chinese


Learning Chinese is as simple as learning any other language, but the things you need are concentration and time. You can pick up Mandarin easily if you have the right concentration and interest in learning Chinese in Singapore. As language learning is a continuous process, here are a few day to day activities that can help you in learning Chinese

Listen to Chinese Songs

It is an activity that provides entertainment, however, you should learn the basics of the language before you start listening to the Chinese music. It will give you a regular enjoyment and you will also learn new Chinese words to speak.  If you don’t understand the words then you can also find the song lyrics online for better understanding. FM radio is the best source for this activity as you can find DJs conversing in Chinese in between the songs.

Reading Newspaper

Newspaper reading is the best daily activity as advised in our Mandarin classes Singapore. Reading Chinese newspaper will be a little bit difficult initially, but through reading will you learn new words and vocabulary to use in your daily life.

Chat with Chinese People

You can join a facebook group that is formed around the Chinese culture. You may not understand their language as they are fast for you. However, you can learn it easily with the passage of time, do keep on chatting with the natives to understand their culture, their language and don’t think of yourself as a beginner. You can look someone who is learning English(or your mother tongue) and is open for the language exchanges. If you find any such person, then you can form a bond between practice and friendship.

Practice Chinese Words daily

You can choose a few words and then practice it regularly. Having flashcards is a good way, but you can also search for Chinese learning material online.  Nowadays, you can also get Chinese reading apps for your smartphone, you can download those and have new material with you every time on the go.

Call to the Chinese Sales Representative

You can call a Chinese sales representative and learn different words. Although, it is a little bit silly, but you will actually get a chance to talk to someone with a reason.


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