Top 5 Activities to Learning Chinese


Looking for activities that can help you learn and practice Chinese? Well, here is our list of 5 top activities—some of which you will enjoy immensely—for improving Chinese.

Read newspaper

Many Mandarin classes Singapore recommends reading the newspaper daily to their students to improve their mastery of the language. While reading Chinese newspaper may prove somewhat difficult in the beginning, soon you will get the hang of the things and start enjoying and benefiting from the activity. Regular reading of Chinese newspaper will help you not only learn new words but also remember words that you have already learned. Improving your Chinese vocabulary is a must to develop fluency in it.

Listen to Chinese Songs

Learning Chinese should not be all work, work, and work because then you might get bored and start investing less time in it. Precisely for this reasons, students are recommended to find fun ways to learn new words in Chinese as well as their correct pronunciation. What could be a more entertaining way to improve your Chinese than listening to Chinese songs? You will learn new words and get entertained at the same time!

During the beginning, you are likely to come across many words and everyday phrases whose meaning you might not know. However, don’t let this dishearten you. Instead, find the lyrics of your favorite songs and check a Chinese dictionary to know the meaning of words and phrases that you don’t understand.

Have conversation with native people

Don’t have any Chinese friends? Well, why not join a Facebook group whose members are people who are interested in Chinese culture. Doing so will allow you learn Chinese better, converse with natives, learn about their culture, and, of course, make new friends. You should also try to make friends with natives, especially those who are also fluent in English, offline too.

Practice daily

Learning a new language is all about practice. However, the quantity of the practice is not the only thing that matters. The quality of your practice is just as important as the quantity. So don’t focus only on putting many hours, but ensure you make the best use of the time you allot to learning Chinese. Another thing to keep in mind is consistency. You might take a long time to learn Chinese in Singapore if you one week you practice ten hours and the next two weeks two hours.

While you must try to learn a few new words daily, it is important that you practice speaking Chinese also, mainly because it is such a tonal language. You get your tone wrong and the meaning of a word can change completely.

Watch Chinese movies

We round off this post with another fun way of learning Chinese is through Chinese movies. One advantage of watching movies is that you not only hear the language but also see the way the lips of the speaker moves. The latter can help you with your pronunciation, which, as said above, is mighty important.

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