Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Learning Chinese Lessons Singapore


So you’re taking Chinese lessons Singapore. Good for you if you’re taking this step because it will benefit you one way or another. Learning Chinese can be very challenging just like when you were taking courses or subjects back in college or high school. In order to perform well, you should avoid these mistakes when taking your lessons.

1. Lack of time
Always have time to study your lessons. If you’re provided with a module, be responsible enough to read and study it outside your session. Take the exercises included in your handout and answer them religiously. Once you don’t take the time to actually study, it’s useless taking up these lessons in the first place.

2. Dependency
Do you always have to rely to your instructor or tutor? Dependency will only bring you down and prevent you from succeeding on time. Don’t wait for your teacher to tell you to study or to remind you to practice the exercises. As an adult learner you have to be responsible enough in studying your lessons. Go ahead and look for other resources or learning materials that will supplement what you’re already given.

3. Impatience
You can’t learn Chinese overnight. You will encounter difficulties in your road to becoming a fluent Chinese speaker. Just give it time and you’ll get there eventually. Remember that patience is a virtue and one you must possess as a learner.

4. Lack of exposure
Relying on your learning materials alone won’t help you grasp Chinese easily and fast. You need to expose yourself to the actual language itself. Listening to others use it in conversations for instance can teach you proper intonation, pronunciation, and diction. These are things you can’t learn from simply reading the lessons provided to you. Watch a Chinese movie, make friends with Chinese, or even observe their festivities like the Chinese New Year. This exposes you to the Chinese language and culture too.

5. Bad study habits
Bad study habits can ruin your chances of successfully learning Chinese. A good example is procrastinating or making up excuses to not attend your classes. In addition, not working on your assigned tasks also shows you’re not that interested or willing to learn Chinese. Let go of these bad study habits and be more responsible so you can finish on time.

Chinese lessons Singapore are very challenging yet rewarding to learn. Make sure to finish your lessons in a timely manner by avoiding the mistakes presented above.

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