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Top 5 Popular Languages You Should Learn


There are plenty of reasons for learning a new language. For business owners, the motivation could be to spread their business horizons overseas. That would necessitate the need to know the country’s language and culture. If you’re an avid traveller, understanding the language of your host country could make your travels even more memorable.

If you’re looking for an employment opportunity in an international company, knowledge of a few foreign languages could be the difference between you getting or losing the job. For some, the cognitive benefits of learning a foreign language are their prime interest.

From professional networking, academic collaboration to travelling, globalisation demands the use of various languages. While there are thousands of languages across the world, there are those more popular and considered more important than others.

Whatever your reason is for learning a foreign language, the following are the top five most popular languages you should consider learning for brighter life prospects.


English is the native language for over 400 million people and is understood by about 1/3 of the earth’s population. It is the preferred language in corporate and educational sectors matters. Moreover, the fact that English is the local dialect of the internet and computers makes it a global language. Furthermore, some of the biggest economies in the world like the U.S and the UK use English as their official language. Therefore, learning English is mandatory if you want to thrive on the international stage.


China is home to more than 1 billion people. Mandarin is the official language of the Chinese people. Add to the fact that China’s neighbouring countries, such as Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Singapore also speak Mandarin. As such, it is the language that’s spoken by the highest number of people on Earth.

In the last few years, China has emerged as a global economic superpower and is now second only to the U.S. As a result, China’s influence has grown twofold, thus making Mandarin even more important as a global corporate language. To learn this must-know language, enrol in a mandarin course in singapore or hire a private tutor.


Boasting numbers of more than 400 million native speakers, Spanish ranks 4th in the list of languages with the most speakers in the world. Many Spanish speakers populate some of the best holiday destinations in the world. Knowing the language unlocks a sea of tourist destinations. Moreover, the Hispanic population is fast 1economically, and this presents a good market for corporations and entrepreneurs. Learning Spanish is quite easy because the basic grammar is simple and the words are akin to English.


Almost 300 million people are indigenous Arabic speakers. This number falls just short of English native speakers. From a geographical perspective, Arabic is natively spoken mainly in the North-West African and Central Asian countries. The spread of Islam across the world has made Arabic very important. Moreover, the economic success of the Gulf States has also propelled the popularity of Arabic as a business language. If you have a passion for international diplomacy or an interest in the defence and energy sectors, then you need to learn Arabic.


Learning to speak French on top of other global languages is a huge advantage when looking to work with an international organisation. France is the world’s fifth largest economy, making it a crucial business partner for many potential investors. French is mainly spoken in North-West African countries and Europe, so if you wish to make inroads into these markets, knowledge of French will be crucial.

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