Types of Chinese Language Courses


Several Chinese language courses are intended to fulfill the learners’ personal necessities. Certainly, there might be the probability of situations in which one cannot contribute his (or her) time to the language course.

With the enormous scope of Chinese courses in Singapore, now there are diverse courses’ options possible that are based on learner’s peculiar circumstances. In order to learn Chinese in Singapore, there are many feasible courses designated for different conditions.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter either you’re an employee or a student you can still learn Chinese in a manner you want. Following classifications of Chinese courses can be available in the Singapore:

  1. Full-time Chinese Courses
  2. Part-time Chinese Courses
  3. Private Chinese Courses
  4. Corporate Chinese Courses

1.     Full-time Chinese Courses

Full- time Chinese classes are actually meant for those learners who are enthusiastic to find their obscure language skills. Learners who fancy utilizing the Chinese language on account of advancing their career and learning in Singapore should opt for full-time courses.

Usually in full-term courses, classes are held weekly — from Monday to Friday and students have the opportunity to pick between 24 and 34 hours per week in accordance with their respective requirements.

Institutes appropriate these hours as per their pedagogy criteria for e.g. some reserve 5 hours per day for group studies whereas some contribute 5 hours for group discussions with 1 and a half hour for private practice.

2.     Part-time Chinese Courses

Most of the Singapore’s population are being employed and studying concurrently. Hence, it’s not easy as falling off the log to devote their full time to the course. The goal of part-time courses is to let the language learners mastering the Chinese language along with their employment. Part-time courses can be long term but ideal for the job holders.

Generally, there are daily sessions in part-time courses and each session can have maximum 2 hours. It also depends upon the teaching policy of specific institute—how many sessions or hours they’ve reserved each day for part-time courses.

3.     Private Chinese Courses

As the name reveals, this course deals with the learners who want to learn the Chinese language in Singapore from their apartments or in a small class. Private or individual language courses are based on customised learning i.e. you will learn the language based on individual learning requirements.

These courses are also designated for job holders who prefer flexibility due to their strict job. In these courses, one will get the chance of selecting his/her focus area of study and time to learn Chinese in Singapore.

4.     Corporate Chinese Courses

Most of the prominent language institutes allow the services of training the learners or clients at a corporate level. This course is proposed for the specific business objectives and sometimes these courses are arranged according to the learners’ designations.

Corporate Chinese courses carry individual tuition or closed group sessions and an extensive variety of technical and business modules. Usually, the standard corporate course comprises of 20-hours duration with 2 hours per session. In each group, minimum members can be 5 whereas maximum can be 12 or 13.

As far as place is concerned, it’ll be chosen by learners and professionals. It’s up to them either they choose their private place, office or the same institute.

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