Ultimate Resource List For Chinese Learners

Learning Chinese? We’re glad you’re challenging yourself and we’re here to help! While the importance of proper training from qualified, experienced language teachers or trainers is undeniable, there’s always something extra outside the classroom that can help you advance your learning and the learning experience.

Take a look at the list of resource we put together:

Chinese Language Dictionary


A mobile app that is more than just a dictionary. Not only does it allow you to look up Chinese words in the old fashion way – typing it in and search, it also allows its user to search the word by drawing the character, taking a picture of the character and looking up the character from your documents. Furthermore, there’s also a flashcard function for your on-the-go memorizing.

MDBG Word Dictionary

MDBG Word Dictionary

A basic dictionary web page that works on both simplified and traditional Chinese, the service allows you to look up the pinyin and meaning of the character for free, there’s also a note that indicates what level of HSK is this word on. This might not be the fanciest Chinese dictionary, but it works just fine.

Line Dictionary

Line Dictionary

For those of you who are chatty on your phone, the Line dictionary is a convenient tool for you when chatting with your friends online or online friends. It comes with pronunciation and some simple, short phrases for each word. Available on both your phone and your computer webpage.




A searchable, comprehensive flashcard for on-the-go learning and practice. Each word comes with a good list of sentences, helping you familiarize yourself with the word further.





Available only in Chinese, zdic is possibly as comprehensive as dictionary goes, each word comes with the writing stroke guide, both pinyin and zhuyin (Used in traditional Chinese), sentences, origins, definition, historical references and so much more. Idea for the very advanced learner who is interested in learning beyond the meaning.

And more…

If you’re not feeling any of the dictionaries above, there are more! Take a look at the dictionaries below to pick the ones you like the most – they might not be as comprehensive as some of the mentioned above, but the basics like definition and pinyin as well as some wording and sentence samples are all well provided.

For the very advanced and sophisticated learner, there’s jukuu.com


Jukuu is not exactly a dictionary, but a database that contains a long list of sentence for any word you search. What better way to gain a deep understanding of the words you’re learning? The website is only available in Chinese though.

Prefer to watch instead of read? We got you covered.



We all know that watching TV shows or online videos can be a great way to pick up one or two words every now and then, but FluentU takes this to the next level, providing subtitles that come with translation, pinyin and even a dictionary function for each character and word! A powerful tool for learners of all level to learn while being entertained.

CCTV Learn Chinese

CCTV Learn Chinese

The learn Chinese segment of the news outlet provides a news/current affairs based learning materials as well as some light-teaching videos.

Understanding Chinese Characters YouTube Channel

Created by YouTube user Vladimir, this channel has an impressive amount of videos dedicate to Chinese characters teaching. Each video typically cover one character, with pinyin and verbal definition teaching and taking the audience to a closer look at the character and its history and cultural references.

SBS News

SBS news

News and interviews conducted in Chinese with English subtitles in the video, suitable for a more advanced learner who’d like to further expand his or her vocabularies and get familiar with sentence structures.



Chinese Language Applications

Now, we all spend more time on our phone than anything else, it only makes sense that we also get a few apps on our phone to help us learn!



Anki is the app equivalence of hand-made flashcards, this also means you have more flexibility and the ability to customize your flashcards.

Other more traditional flashcard apps include Skritter , Flashonary




A casual learning for the chatty learners, through chatty with native speakers that are your teacher with pinyin and translation support from the app.



Wenlin Free Edition

A software that helps you learn basic Chinese vocabularies.




Practice your writing with this service and let native speakers in the community correct your writings!



HSK free

HSK free

Your little HSK language learning in your palm.




World Tracer

Word Tracer

Tracing each Chinese character stroke by stroke






Pinyin browser

Pinyin Browser

Adding pinyin to all Chinese characters in webpages as your surf through the internet




Wise Talk

Intrigued by the ancient Chinese wisdom? Here’s an app for you to learn all about them!





Practice your grammar by playing grammar games on NiHao, putting characters in the right order to form a sentence.





Your Chinese language Q&A, answered by native speakers. Alternatively, you can also head to http://hua.io/ on your computer.




Pinyiner Free

Copy and paste any Chinese sentence in this app to get pinyin and definition of each word




Chinese Language Exchange:

For those who are keen to meet some new people while you learn their language, here are a few links that you can try to search for language exchange arrangement.


peraperaPerapera Chinese Popup Dictionary

Reading Chinese websites with real-time help in pop-up word definition and pinyin!

More flashcards!

Chinese tutorThe Chinese Tutor Flashcards help you master pinyin and comes with the definition of the word, the more you learn the more levels you unlock, a nice little challenge for yourself!




Chinese Tutor Speaking Practice

Repeat the word you hear to get your speaking skill graded. For the ambitious speaking learners!

Chinese Dictionaries Add-Ons To Your Internet Browser

Handy dictionary add-ons that allow you to convenient search any Chinese words!

Chinese Books For Beginners:

Chinese Characters: Learn & Remember 2,178 Characters and Their Meanings

A great tool to help you remember characters by giving you a deeper understanding of them.

Chinese Musing eBook

Based on the principle of “every Chinese character tells you a story or draws you a picture.”, this eBook teaches you about the Chinese radicals and starts from there, you’ll be able to better understand and remember the Chinese characters.

Survival Chinese Lessons

Ah, survival lessons, the very basic lessons every language learner must know. This book contains 15 short lessons that can get you through basic situations. If you’re an absolute beginner, sometimes getting by is just enough!

Chinese Audio/Podcasts

Slow Chinese

Slow Chinese

Suitable for the more advanced learner, this website contains short articles that come with an audio player that will read out the article for you.



popup Chinese

Popup Chinese

Chinese lessons in disguise as podcasts, you can enjoy the content with a free account and check out its lively episodes!




Enter any word and listen to how it’s pronounced.


For Learning Chinese Grammar:

Once you get past the beginner level, you might want to make some extra effort on Chinese grammar, and of course, there are some free help around the internet for you:

Chinese News:

Taipei Times

Taipei Times has a bilingual news section that provides news in English and traditional Chinese, for those who would like to step up on their (traditional)Chinese reading skill, this is a hidden gem!

Chinese Blogs:


A resource-rich blog for Chinese learners, written in simple language and talk about a variety of topics that are interesting for learners in addition to lists and files, a must visit for Chinese learners!

Chinese Reading Practice

All articles posted in both English and Chinese, and often featuring interesting idioms and the breakdowns in meanings and stories.

Fluent in Mandarin

A blog dedicated to all things learning Chinese and some interesting Chinese learning posts and discussion. Other similar blogs include Sensible Chinese  and Mandarin Weekly.

Hacking Chinese

A website that focuses on *how* to learn Chinese and improve your learning skills.

Just Learn Chinese

Tricks and tips about learning Chinese with short, easy to read stories for learners to practice reading skills.

Speak Up Chinese

Each article features a phrase or word that is easily mistaken or confusing by/to Chinese learners, the short and to the point writing style also cut through and make the content very memorable.

En Route To Fluency

As you might have guessed from the name of the blog, this blog is all about mastering Chinese (And Chinese learning), updated about once a month, the topics range from the “how-to” to resources sharing.

Laowei Chinese

Laowei – the Chinese slang for the foreigner, usually westerner. This blog is filled with tips and strategist for Chinese learning coming from a westerner’s perspective.


The majority of the blog posts consist of Chinese phrases that are broken down to words with definition and audio pronunciation. If you want an extra quick lesson, Sinoglot is a great choice for you.


And finally, from the team that brought you this very ultimate and very comprehensive list –

Linda Mandarin
Updated a couple to a few times a month, our topics range from cultural discussion to Chinese learning tips and quick lessons/discussion. After if you still can’t enough of all these fun Chinese learning, as a well-established Chinese language learning center, we welcome you to hop in for a trial lesson anytime! (Actually, not anytime, give us a call to schedule the free trial lesson!)

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