chinese course singapore

Understanding Why Learning Mandarin is Vital in Singapore

chinese course singapore

Singapore is a melting pot of diverse cultures, ethnicities, and languages, but 70% of the total population are Chinese. While the nation’s laws and regulations are written and communicated in English, you will also encounter a large number of people communicating in the Mandarin language. Most of the country’s biggest companies and corporations comprise of Chinese-speaking employees, hence the demand to learn the language arises from a competitive edge.

Learning Chinese would be essential if you are an entrepreneur or an expatriate living in Singapore. We have witnessed some of the world’s influential people such as the former U.S. President Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook who enrolled in Chinese classes in the past few years. If you are wondering why you should learn Chinese in Singapore, then you may consider looking at some of the reasons below.

To Increase your Business Networks

As one of the world’s top spoken language, learning Mandarin can expose you to all prospective business partners across the globe. Singapore is geographically close to China, which is the second largest growing economy in the world. As the nation progresses, Singapore will attract business and investment opportunities companies worldwide in the next few decades. Taking interest and initiative in learning a new language culture may help you to build better relationships with your business partners. Therefore, you may consider learning and mastering the language instead of requesting for an interpreter whenever you intend to close a new deal with a client.

It Boosts Your Brain Function

Learning Chinese involves using characters, or logograms, rather than letters. This means that you have to memorize each character and strokes, which takes more brainpower than just learning the alphabetical letters. Mandarin is considered to be a tonal language, where same basic sounds can refer to different things depending on the tone spoken, while English is non-tonal. As such, Chinese speakers use the two sides of the brain, a region where different pitches and tones are registered, unlike English speakers who only utilise the left temporal lobe. Other cognitive skills that you may gain by learning Mandarin include improvements in multitasking and decision-making skills.

It Increases Your Competitiveness in the Job Market

Being able to communicate and be well-versed in Mandarin can provide a competitive edge for companies seeking such employees. Enrolling yourself in a chinese course in singapore could help you to learn the basics and eventually master a working language to impress your employers. You can add more value to your organisation by offering English classes to your fellow employees or serving as an interpreter when the need arises. The skills will also be valuable while applying for a job in other Chinese-speaking countries such as China or Taiwan.

A Chance to Learn the Rich Chinese Culture

Grab the opportunity to learn the rich culture, heritage and language of the Chinese people. They have different customs and traditions that are not only going to nourish you but also influence your outlook on life. You can travel to other Southeast Asia and get to learn more and experience first-hand about the local people, their lifestyles while also enjoy a variety of their cuisines.

There are many institutions offering classes for anyone intending to learn Chinese in Singapore. Some community teaching centres are free while others charge a small fee to Mandarin students. Learning a new language may appear tasking, but it will always give you a special outlook on life and improve your ability to develop lasting relationships with people all around the world.

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