Ways of Learning Business Chinese


Business Chinese is one of the major languages being used in the international business today. Learning this language helps in building relationships with the Chinese community with ease. This leads to great success in a business based in or out of China. When you learn the language, it becomes extremely easy to warmly approach a business partner, introduce yourself to create an impression and discuss the current trends and other important business details. Learning a new language requires listening to natives, practicing through talking and using the right learning method. Here are some best ways of learning the Chinese language for business purposes;

  • Professional Business Chinese teacher

Getting a professional Chinese teacher is one of the best ways of learning the pinyin, characters, words, phrases and sentence structure of the Chinese language. A professional will guide you through the right learning process of the language starting from simple to complex and from listening to talking. Being taught by a professional saves time as you do not take diversions during the learning process while getting the best. Today, it is super easy to get a professional teacher from the best Mandarin learning institutions and private ones. You can get a teacher, book for the course and learn online. This gives you an opportunity to learn Chinese languagefrom any corner of the world. Alternatively, you can identify an institution offline and attend classes physically.

  • Immersion method

You can learn business Chinese through the immersion method. In this case, you need to live for a while in a Chinese community, learning the language directly from them. When using the immersion method, you need to listen first then speak using the language. The immersion method allows you to grasp the words, phrases and the correct Chinese accent. In the immersion method, it is advisable to have a stay in China for a while or to identify a community of native Chinese around you. Discipline is important in this method of language learning as you need to focus on expressing yourself using Chinese and not any other language.

  • Learning on your own

Learning Chinese on your own is possible today due to availability of learning materials. This method is inexpensive though may take long for you to learn the language fully. Making use of Chinese learning books for children is highly recommended as you get to learn the simple words and phrases. Also, you can access books on Chinese language for business purposes in the offline and online market today. However, use of Chinese language tutorial videos is the most successful way of learning the language on your own since you get to listen to the pronunciations. Remember to identify a native in order to practice speaking business Chinese through normal conversations and role plays.

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