What Are Some Of The Popular Chinese Breakfasts? Part 2

e talked about some of the most popular Chinese breakfasts in our previous post. Just like the Chinese language has 50,000 characters, there are equally as many nice breakfasts in the Chinese culture. Today, we bring you the second part of the series – Popular Chinese Breakfasts.

Guangdong – 肠粉 cháng fěn Rice Rolls

肠粉cháng fěn Rice Rolls

肠粉 cháng fěn is commonly seen as a breakfast or Dimsum in the south of China. It’s made of Rice noodles, filled with pork, prawn, vegetables and others. It can also be served with light soy sauce.

Guangxi – 桂林米粉guì lín mǐ fěn Guilin Rice Noodles

Guilin Rice Noodles


Your trip to Guilin, a beautiful scenery city in China, won’t be complete if you haven’t tried the local food, especially the unique桂林米粉 guì lín mǐ fěn Guilin Rice Noodles. The rice noodles are served in a bowl of soup made from pork, beef, garlic, peanuts, peppers, and radishes, etc.

Lanzhou – 牛肉拉面 niú ròu lā miàn Beef Noodles

牛肉拉面 Beef Noodles

牛肉拉面 niú ròu lā miàn Beef it a type of noodles originated from Lanzhou, Gansu Province and so popular around China. 拉面 lā miàn means hand-pulled noodles.

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