Business Chinese Language, Learn Chinese Singapore

What Are The Best Ways To Learn Chinese Mandarin?

Business Chinese Language, Learn Chinese Singapore

Whether you’re looking to learn Singapore business Chinese to help further your career, or just want to learn how to speak the language fluently enough so you can travel to China (or other Chinese-speaking countries) and be able to understand the locals, you’re definitely going to need some linguistic help.

Below, we rounded up some of the best ways to help you learn Chinese Mandarin.

1.   Focus on Learning Phrases

A lot of people make the mistake of learning isolated words as opposed to phrases. Although this might work for certain languages, like in English, in Mandarin, it’s not exactly the smartest idea to learn isolated words. In fact, it would take you decades to try and learn all of the Chinese words. Besides, in general, phrases are just more useful compared to the isolated words on their own.

2.   Choose a Learning Style that Suits You

Everyone learns differently. Some people learn better in a classroom setting. Meanwhile, others learn better when they teach themselves. Of course, the only way to know which works for you when learning Mandarin is to try out different programs or methods.

Taking up a Singapore business Chinese course is definitely a good idea. However, if that’s not possible, you can try studying on your own using books, audio files, podcasts, and videos, all of which you should be able to find readily available online. It’s also common practice for a lot of people to go online and try and look for someone across Asia who’s willing to help them practice their Mandarin in an actual conversation.

3.   Create a Chinese-only Zone for Yourself

Since it’s not always possible to immerse ourselves in the Chinese’s local culture and surround yourself with people speaking Mandarin, we can do the next best thing and create a Chinese-only zone for ourselves.

Within this zone, you are only allowed to speak or think of things in Chinese. Basically, you’re forcing yourself to think in Mandarin.

4.   Listen to Chinese Pop Music

Listening to Chinese music helps break down the hard parts of the language and make it a lot more understandable for you, a non-Native. Also, once you have built up your vocabulary, you can try expanding it even more and gaining a better understanding of the nuances of the language by paying attention to the lyrics of the song.

Once you’re a bit better, you can try singing along to the tracks. This will help both your understanding and pronunciation.

Filling your preferred music player with as many Chinese pop songs as you’re comfortable with is a great way to be able to learn and practice Mandarin on the go.

5.   Watch Chinese Media

There are plenty of Mandarin movies from China that are of high standard and excellent quality. Watching them (with English subtitles, of course), will help you understand what’s going on while also learning how Native speakers pronounce particular words or phrases.

While the English subtitles are never 100% accurate, watching Chinese TV shows and movies can help you get a better feel of the language and be more comfortable around it.

There you have it – Some of the best ways to learn Singapore business Chinese.

Of course, though not included, immersing yourself in the language and travelling to a Chinese-speaking country is still one of the best methods. But since that is not always possible, which is where the five ways mentioned above come in handy.

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