What You Can Do To Learn Mandarin Effectively


For years, China opened the beauty of their nation to the world, making it one of the most common destinations being visited by thousands of people every day. With this, it has also been an ideal place for many business owners to expand and offer their various products and services. If you are interested in staying or visiting the country, you have to start with the basic foundation of learning the Chinese language.

Communicating with Chinese people can be hard if you do not know their language. Only a fraction of their population can fluently speak English and can understand you, so you have to find the most effective way to learn Mandarin in Singapore first to allow better engagement and gain more opportunities.

Where should you study Mandarin?

There are different schools that offer Mandarin lessons and courses that can greatly help you with your needs. This can give you a better opportunity to have hands-on training and a more effective approach on the language.

There are some that may prefer to take Mandarin lessons online for convenience, easy access and comfort. You can find a number of sites online with complete guidelines and information about learning Mandarin. From the basic to the most complicated accents and terms, everything will be provided to you. However, having a proper structure in learning Mandarin is still encouraged as Mandarin is a very systematic language. Hence, going for a Mandarin Language course is advised. For Singaporeans, you can even use your SkillsFuture credits to learn Mandarin at a subsidized rate.

Engage in Daily Conversation with the Natives

For people who do not speak Chinese in Singapore but are interested in learning the language, you are in luck. With so many Mandarin speakers in Singapore, you can easily make friends and engage in a daily conversation with them. In the Chinese language, there are many different accents and pronunciations involved. If you learn the language online, you’ll probably learn the most formal way of speaking Mandarin. Engaging a conversation with the natives can help you fix your statement and wordings. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Visit Chinese authentic restaurants in your area. Restaurants can be a common place where you can find Chinese people looking for their cuisine and you can meet a lot of them in there. You can start a conversation with the waiter or waitress with simple greetings and make your order in Chinese as well.
  • Watch Chinese films and dramas. You can easily learn the culture and norms of Chinese people right from their films and dramas. You can pick up the lines they are using and eventually understand it more. For more practices, you may try to watch the films without subtitles.

Use it or Lose It

The most important part of learning Mandarin is using it. Eventually you will forget the terms and words if you do not practice it. With constant practice, your brain will be able to retain your learning much more efficiently. Get started on your learning journey today!

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