Why and How You Should Give Your Business Card in China?


Business cards in China have their own importance and are usually are offered to the people for some specific reason. Chinese hold the business cards with both hands and then offer it to others as a form of respect and is recommended that the people should not write anything on the card while presenting it. Chinese businessman would say ‘探望我们’ while giving the business card which means “Visit us”. If you are not familiar with the Chinese language then you can join Mandarin classes in Singapore to learn more.

Why do Businessmen offer Business Cards?

This is not only a tradition in the china but an art to attracting customers all over the world. There are several reasons on why the businessmen offer business cards to the people. Some of these reasons are:

  • People can remember your name and the service or the product you offer them.
  • People can take your number and call you anytime.
  • People can check the availability of your services any time.
  • Business cards are also very helpful in cases where people can refer your services to their friends and family members.
  • The address of the business is shown on the card.
  • Business cards are the best source of marketing of your products and the services.
  • The products or services of the business are always written on the business card and that will help people to gain a basic understanding of your firm.

How to Give Your Business Cards

Names and the Greetings

When greeting their customers, the Chinese will always provide a firm yet gentle handshake. Another thing to note is to bow slightly while greeting others as this is considered a good sign of respect. The Chinese will also lower their eyes when they see each other as a form of courtesy. Something to look out for is that Chinese people will write the name of the family first and followed by their name, something different from the westerner’s first name.

The Appearance and Dress Code

For business meetings, people should choose to dress formally whilst attending business meetings. It is recommended to avoid all the loud colored apparels and heavy jewelry in such meetings. In the Chinese culture, the red and white colors are confined to the brides and funerals respectively, thus red and white colored clothes must be avoided in business meetings.

Business cards play a vital role in the marketing of the business and attracting new customers for the business.Learning Chinese in Singapore will play a vital role in speaking well when giving out business cards to potential business partners.

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