singapore mandarin course, learning mandarin language

Why Learning a New Language in Singapore is a Wise Choice

singapore mandarin course, learning mandarin language

Learning a new language is no longer optional but a necessity for anyone hoping to thrive in the 21st-century corporate world. Most people are unwilling to take on the challenge of learning to master a new language, but the few who have gained fluency have ended up reaping countless benefits from it. The rising number of multinational companies has contributed greatly to the increased number of people taking Singapore’s Mandarin courses to increase their chances of getting a job. The Singapore government has also made it easy for their citizens to learn a new language following their SkillsFuture program. Therefore, no Singapore citizen should have a reason for not learning a new language. Below are some of the reasons for learning a new language.

It expands your cultural knowledge
Learning a new language comes with an understanding of its culture. Some languages come with rich cultural values and ideas, which are not only interesting but also educative to the linguists or archaeologists students. Some locals are also highly likely to disclose some details about their culture or themselves to someone who speaks their language rather than a researcher who speaks in a foreign tongue.

It gives you a competitive edge in the job market and business world
English is one of the four official languages in Singapore, but most employees are probably fluent in Mandarin. Therefore, a bilingual or multilingual person has a desirable trait over a one-language speaker. Therefore, the ability to speak fluently in another language, for example, Spanish, Mandarin, and French is not just an addition to your resume but a skill that will highly respect and friendship in your office.

The number of multinational companies in Singapore has always been high and has been rising steadily in the past several years leading to even more partnerships between Singapore citizens and international investors. Foreign partners are more likely to choose someone who can speak fluently in their language without the need for an interpreter. Therefore, learning the mandarin language will help you easily interact with foreign business counterparts.

It boosts your brainpower and cognitive skills
Learning a new language is linked to great memory and increased attention span. In fact, studies show that anyone who has taken up a second or a third language has a lower chance of getting dementia or memory loss later on in life.

It improves your social skills
People will receive you warmly if you can speak in their language. They are also highly likely to open up to you in their native tongue in case you want to learn about their culture or anything you need to live comfortably in the country.

Learning a new language requires great commitment as well as a lot of time and practice, but you will eventually reach the level you need after several months of learning. Remember that learning a new language in Singapore will not require you to break the bank, but you can always enlist in the SkillsFuture program in case you are in the middle of a job search, or you are still studying.

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