Why Learning Business Chinese is a Step in the Right Direction for an International Investor?


Are you still having second thoughts as to why you should learn Chinese in Singapore as a second language? Do you find it difficult comprehending why there is a buzz about learning business Chinese? Well, considering that China is the second largest economy and touted to overtake the US as the super power economy of the world, the interest in learning Chinese is not farfetched. There is a reason as to why the daughter of US president Malia Obama, former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg are all learning Chinese as a second language! The study of Chinese opens up wondrous business opportunities to foreign investors seeking to set up shop in China, seeking to understand Chinese politics, culture, economy, history as well as archeology.

That aside, to further understand the importance of learning Chinese as a second language, it’s quintessential that we shed light on a few facts that you might already know.

  • The Chinese culture is not only the richest but also one of the oldest having been around for over 5000 years.
  • Mandarin Chinese is not only synonymous to the People’s Republic of China and Taiwan but also spoken in various Chinese communities strewn in Singapore, Thailand, Mongolia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei.
  • With a population of approximately 1.28b, China holds the bragging rights as the most populous country on earth.
  • A huge chunk of US and Singapore companies have long term investments in China.

While the aforementioned facts are mind boggling, it’s correct to say that learning business Chinese is not all about making inroads and taking advantage of the vast business opportunities in china. It’s all about learning a rich culture and understanding a people. It is about taking the bold step to take your business to a whole new level and not about the bragging rights of who can speak better mandarin. It’s about negotiating business deals on an equal footing while at the same time earning the respect of Chinese business partners. Scores of international business investors are looking for ways in which they can establish their presence in China and take advantage of the opportunities that the over 1.2b Chinese population portends.

From Singapore to the US, learning business Chinese is all about having a competitive advantage, an opportunity to create a rapport and a collaboration with native business Chinese business partners while at the same time taking advantage of the relative calm, conducive business environment, booming business industry and an opportunity to break even and take businesses to a whole new level. With over 873 million people speaking mandarin Chinese as their first language, the undeniable fact is that it’s the most widely spoken language across the globe.

The success of any business entrepreneur or investor is the ability to be dynamic and evolve with the times. To expand and conquer new markets is the aim and goal of every international investor from Singapore all the way to the US. With China being the new land of opportunity, learning business Chinese has become the norm rather than an exception to budding entrepreneurs and international investors seeking to spread tentacles and hijack the numerous business opportunities in China. It’s no longer about taking a leap of faith to learn business Chinese and mandarin courses but rather doing what’s best for business!

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