chinese classes for kids

Why Non-Chinese Speakers Should Consider Learning the Language

chinese classes for kids

The Chinese language is slowly growing in popularity in Singapore and other countries. Thousands of people from all over the world are learning the Chinese language. The growth of China to the second largest economy in the world has also stirred the interests of many in Chinese and China. However, a large number of expatriates and non-Chinese in Singapore have yet to begin learning the mandarin language, despite all these recent developments. Below are some facts that could encourage you to learn Chinese as your second language.

 It is the most popular language in the world

About 14% of the world uses Chinese as their native language or second language. It is the most widely spoken language in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and other countries worldwide. Therefore, you could be joining one of the biggest group of language speakers in the world by learning the Chinese language.

It gives you a competitive edge in business

Chinese is a popular business language of 21st Century following the rise of China as the second largest economy in the world. This means that there will be a high number of Chinese business owners with a preference for Chinese-speaking partners in Singapore. It gives you an advantage and opens you up for further opportunities.

You gain exposure to one of the world’s most vibrant cultures

Chinese has one of the richest cultures in the world dating back to over 5000 years ago. By learning the language, you can easily read most history books that are only available in Chinese, uncover their amazing cuisines, and learn more about Chinese culture.

Learning the Chinese Language increases your hiring chances

Knowledge of a second language, for example, Chinese increases your chances of getting a job in an international company in Singapore. This is because you can communicate freely with other employees or business partners. You can also get a job as an interpreter or a trainer after learning Chinese from different organisations in the country.

You get a special outlook on life

Learning a language as complex as Chinese requires patience, commitment, and determination. Embracing the Chinese language shows that you are also ready to learn about their traditions, taboos, history, as well as a culture, which may be very different from yours. This is not only going to help you appreciate the small things in life, but it also trains you how to respect other people’s beliefs even if you do not like them. Even Chinese classes for kids teach children the value of respect and the need to persevere when learning something.

Learning the Chinese Language boosts your brainpower

The Mandarin language engages both sides of the brain, unlike some other languages that use only the left side of the brain. It also requires great brainpower to learn the Chinese language. You may also need excellent motor and visual recognition skills for you to write well in Chinese. Learning the chinese language may take longer and be harder than other languages since there are thousands of characters to master. However, the benefits that you get from learning the language are worth the effort. Many institutions are teaching Chinese, ranging from corporate Chinese to mandarin classes for kids. Therefore, you do not have an excuse for not learning this rich and intriguing language.

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