Learn Mandarin, Learning Chinese

Why Should The Working Adult Pick Up Mandarin

Learn Mandarin, Learning Chinese
In order to make yourself attractive to potential employers, and to be able to compete in a dog-eat-dog world of work you have to stand out. And, one way to do so is by being able to speak and write a second language, especially in a multilingual country such as Singapore.

While there are several languages spoken in Singapore, aside from English, Mandarin can be considered one of the most important. This is due to China’s rapid economic growth over the past few decades and their current status as a world superpower.  China’s reach is far and wide and in order to be able to keep up with the progress, you will have to learn Mandarin, their official language.


Learning Mandarin benefits working adults in numerous ways. The benefits can be observed in various parts of their career and can be small or massive.


Many college and university students who had begun a Mandarin course in Singapore along with their studies can tell you that it has proven to be extremely beneficial. There are many opportunities for internships or mentorship programs for university students. The number of opportunities increases for those who know Chinese and some of them are even unique to students who are able to speak Mandarin.

Other people benefit from learning Chinese after university as they are given job opportunities upon or even before graduation simply because they are proficient in the Chinese language. This jumpstart in one’s career can be extremely fruitful and result in early success.


Compared to even three decades ago, there were not as many degree holders as there are today. Therefore, job competition has increased because there are more qualified people out there. As a result, employers have to look past the academic qualifications and look for the uniqueness in the candidates.

By learning Mandarin, you are setting yourself apart from other job applicants and capturing the attention of your potential employer almost immediately. Learning Mandarin makes you marketable and can even open doors to jobs in countries that you had not even considered before such as Thailand, Malaysia or Indonesia.


Some may find that they are not advancing in their career simply because they have not proven to be at a higher level than their coworkers. Think about it, why would you deserve a promotion over your coworker if you both operate at the same skill level, produce the same quality work and are not different in any way professionally?

To give yourself a push up the corporate ladder, consider taking a Mandarin class in Singapore. This could result in you becoming an ambassador for your company and this would lead to an increase in opportunities and income.


It is not abnormal to get tired of your job and wish to explore different avenues. One way you can do that is by learning Chinese. Bilingualism can lead to jobs ranging from a translator to a teacher to even an author. The possibilities are endless!

In order to succeed, we must be progressive in our thinking and in our actions. The number of Mandarin speakers increases every day, so does their influence and power. Don’t get left behind.

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