Course Design

Throughout the Chinese lessons, learners will focus on communication skills through role-plays, real-world activities to achieve the goals in communicating freely in daily conversation while developing their reading and writing skills in a natural way. CHINESE MANDARIN TUITION IN SINGAPORE 1. A balance between Daily Conversation and Written Chinese Language Throughout the Chinese lessons, learners […]

Course Levels

Our classes are divided into three major levels; beginner, intermediate and advanced. This allows us to tailor make our classes to suit the student as well as ensure a form of advancement so that students are able to see the progress they are making. CHINESE MANDARIN LESSONS IN SINGAPORE We have three levels: Elementary, Intermediate […]

Chinese Placement Test

Welcome to Linda Mandarin Chinese language assessment page We have made Chinese language placement test available for you, all you need to do is to click on the below link and answer the questions. Once you have submitted your entry, we will be able to know your language proficiency and shall contact you very soon […]