Common Chinese Language Mistakes Part 1

We have been teaching Mandarin courses in Singapore for more than 10 years. Over the years, we’ve taught many English-speaking students, and we’ve noticed that they tend to make the same mistakes. Some mistakes are specific to the individual, but most of them are common mistakes, probably because of their foundation in English. So in this […]

What Kind Of Chinese Do Singaporeans Speak?

Many people might be curious what kind of Chinese Singaporeans speak. Are they speaking Mandarin? Are they speaking dialects? Well, we’d say that they speak Chinglish – a mixture of Chinese, English, and Singlish. Chinglish. New term for you. Just kidding. On a serious note, as most of the Singaporeans’ ancestors hail from the south of China, […]

Are Tones That Important in Mandarin Learning?

When we learn Mandarin, there are three components: Chinese characters and Pinyin; pronunciations; tones. Many people have been frustrated by the tones as it seems the hardest to understand and master them. Hence, many people give up learning Chinese and always think that Chinese is a difficult language to learn. Are tones very difficult to learn? Are tones […]