Challenges Faced by Beginners While Learning Chinese in Singapore


The unmistakable financial powerhouse China, have started off a huge demand around the globe towards the learning of the Chinese language. What makes Chinese such an extremely difficult language for the beginners to master? Listed below are some of the challenges beginners and students face in Singapore.

Learning Challenges Faced

  • The reason could be that Chinese is not the first language of Singaporeans. Because it actually takes time and effort for beginner to find the correct relationship between characters and their actual meanings, Chinese being the second language could be tough for the beginners while they learn Chinese in Singapore.
  • Second, despite the fact that Chinese is linguistically and vocabulary clearer, the verbalization of specific words varies phonetically in different circumstances. The way that there is the correspondence between how a word is composed and how it is communicated adds to the learning issues with the languages.
  • Thirdly, with the development of more English-speaking families in Singapore, battles with the Chinese language are becoming more common. This development makes learning Chinese appear like an errand for the students.
  • The fourth challenge is the difference between family language and school language. Family language is less formal, using words and vocabulary that is used often in home context and conversations with friends while School language is more formal, using words and vocabulary from proper documented Chinese literature. The Chinese words that are utilized in schools come in larger amounts in terms of vocabulary compared to the basic conversational words used at home. Thus, the students will find it a chore as they are presented to more Chinese words while learning in schools.
  • The fifth challenge that the beginners face is with writing. In English, you simply need to write the letters in order (little letters and capitals), writing in Chinese comes in various characters from numbers to side strokes, fundamentally well under a hundred structures. That is a lot of structures students need to know in order to be able to write.
  • Lastly, students in Singapore should be encouraged to watch Chinese TV shows they like to learn Chinese. Most of the parents do not pay much attention to this, causing beginners to face difficulties in learning the Chinese language. In Singapore, one can easily get to join Mandarin classes Singapore to improve their language.

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