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To help students Learn Chinese in Singapore using our unique Hanban teaching methodology and experience our communicative approach teaching, we offer Trial Chinese lesson for both group and private Mandarin lessons.

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Course Preview and Topics covered:
– Mandarin learning objectives
– Importance of using Hanban Chinese syllabus and Native Mandarin teacher
– Why is Communicative teaching is better than academic learning?
– Why focusing on perfecting your tones will slow down your conversational skills learning?
– How teaching and recorded class videos can double your learning speed?

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Weekday 12.30pm – 1:30pmWeekday 7:00pm – 8:00pmWeekend 1:00pm – 2:00pmTrial Class Fee $20

03-Feb-18 (Sat)Waived
07-Feb-18 (Wed)06-Feb-18 (Tue)Waived
22-Feb-18 (Thu)22-Feb-18 (Thu)03-Mar-18 (Sat)Waived
13-Mar-18 (Tue)14-Mar-18 (Wed)18-Mar-18 (Sun)Waived
04-Apr-18 (Wed)02-Apr-18 (Mon)07-Apr-18 (Sat)Waived
19-Apr-18 (Thu)19-Apr-18 (Thu)22-Apr-18 (Sun)Waived

*If you can’t attend the above dates, email us and watch our Trial Class online

Venue: 137 Cecil Street level 7, #04 Training Room, Hengda Building, Singapore 069537

Speaker Linda Huang will be sharing with you the teaching methodology, course syllabus from China, videos Chinese lessons, Teacher selection & training and many more.

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Our mandarin course consultant would be happy to arrange another date for you if the above date and time is not suitable.

We had a wonderful time during the last Learn Mandarin Trial Class


This month Mandarin Trial Class

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Last month Mandarin Trial Class

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To help our students to understand more on Chinese tradition and culture as well as to meet new friends to practice their Chinese Mandarin, we organise various activities and outing including Taiji, Mahjong, calligraphy, Chinese painting, cooking, Chinese music appreciation and meet-up in Chinese in or out of our center. Come and join us to have fun to learn Chinese and its culture!

Theme: Courtesy during a Chinese dinner

learn Mandarin in Singapore


Thank you Ms Cara (left) for referring her friend to learn Mandarin with us. As a goodwill she has gotten Starbucks voucher from us.

Learn Chinese in Singapore


137 Cecil Street level 07,  Hengda building, Singapore 069537 (Main Centre)

105 Cecil Street level 16,  Octagon building, Singapore 069534 (Centre 2)

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