Cool Chinese Slang Words to Make You Sound Like a Native

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Slangs are in trend these days. Every person on the internet has been using these slangs regularly and each language has its own slang. Most of us are well versed with the slangs in English and even in our own language. However, do you ever realize that how cool it would be if we knew slangs in the Chinese language? This would look as if we are a native and have learned the Chinese language. Chinese is one of the toughest languages in the world, so the slangs are also difficult. You can always go for Mandarin classes in Singapore and learn the chinese language but you will not be taught the slang. Here are some of the best Chinese slang words that will make you look very cool:

The first slang is very easy and it’s MAI MENG. It is usually used while posting pictures and it means to pretend to be cute purposefully. We all post selfies. Use this slang below your next selfie or comment it on someone else’s picture as a compliment in Chinese.

We always use terms such as ‘dear’, ‘bae’ and other words to show our love for our friends. QIN is the word that can be used instead of ‘bae’ or ‘dear’. So, whenever you are talking to your dearest friend, instead of calling them ‘bae’, call them QIN. Sounds cooler right?

Calling out to all your pals? Here is a slang that can be used for the word Bro. GE MEN, in Chinese mean brother. The Chinese youth is using it as bro or to call their friends. It is the best way to call your friends or annotate them while you are having a conversation.

Now we have a phrase that you can use in an argument or a discussion to seem really cool. It is NI XING NI SHANG. If we go by the literal translation in English, it means ‘you can you up’. It can be used in a discussion when you want to tell someone ‘if you think you can do it, then do it’. This is one of the most widely used slangs.

This is simple and easy to learn. It’s SHEN which means ‘god’. It can be used while talking about someone’s godly skills or performance or quality. So, if you want to call someone god of music, SHEN is the word you should use.

Giving advice? Use the word SUANLE. It means let it go or forget it. Try saying SUANLE to a friend who has been worrying too much about their boyfriend, or career or just their life.

The last one is the easiest of all and we think that the fashionistas will love this slang a lot. TU means unfashionable or outdated. With these common slangs, you can enhance your experience in Mandarin courses in Singapore when you are able to sound like a native speaker.

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